Facelift Furniture - Custom Refinishing Services & DIY InspiriationI’m excited about changes, updates & improvements made to the Facelift Furniture website!  This past week, I got “into the zone” with about every aspect of our web layout.  I had had a lot of fun rethinking how it can best serve customers, as well as DIY-ers who stroll through looking for inspiration for their next project.

Talking of inspiration, I want to share a new feature I’ve added that’s yet to be listed on the home page drop down menus.  I’m creating albums of specific types of furniture, and these will include all my favorites from the past 3 years!

For example, if you’re looking for how you can refinish an old dresser, then be sure and take at look at our newly added Dresser album! Click on the photos, and then you can view each photo like you would in a Facebook album.  Be on the lookout soon for albums of Chest of Drawers, Nightstands, End Tables and other great pieces!

Speaking of social media, the images in all our albums allow you to share on Facebook and pin on Pinterest!  This means our favorites can become part of your favorites too!