Upstyled Sewing Tables in Lime Green, Turquoise, Robin's Egg Blue, and Chili Pepper Red. Facelift Furniture DIY Blog.These sewing tables were painted, glazed, and distressed to provide an upstyled look for these dated pieces.

Lime Green, Turquoise, Robin’s Egg Blue, and Chili Pepper Red were used on these pieces. Black Glaze accented the detailed areas. All were distressed.

Sewing cabinets are great for repurposing, and the Lime Green and Robin’s Egg Blue pieces were purchased to be used as small vanities.  The Turquoise piece was purchased as an end table, and the Chili Pepper Red sewing table held an antique singer that was kept inside.

You may have noticed that the Robin’s Egg Blue and Chili Pepper Red pieces are identical. On each, the original wood pull was refinished along with each table.

Since sewing tables are designed with tops that open for sewing machines to set out, there are no actual drawers.  Either a door swings out from the front, or as in the case of the matching pair, the small drawer front hinges open from the bottom and reveals a small storage cubby.