Off White Vintage Clothing Armoire

Off White Clothing Armoire PGD FLFThis vintage clothing armoire was painted, glazed, and distressed in Off White, with Tobacco Glaze bringing out the best of the piece as it accents the molding and detailed areas. Distressing reveals the original wood tones.

The original vintage pulls were painted a dark bronze. The pulls on a matching dresser painted Turquoise were painted black. With both pieces, spray painting the pulls was a great way to update their appearance to fit the new upstyled design.

Antique Desk in Off White with Turquoise Pulls

Before & After Off White Desk Turq PullsI found this desk at a garage sale, and immediately saw the potential. I love this old style in antique desks. They are favorite type of piece to refinish.

With the desk, I was drawn not only to its style, but the original pulls. With their ornate design, I knew I wanted to reuse them. It was just a matter of how!

I painted, glazed, and distressed the desk in Off White with Tobacco Glaze. Since it had previously been spray painted, I made sure to remove any loose paint when scuff sanding the piece.

I’m a fan of spray painting vintage knobs and pulls when needed. I also like going with their original color, but sometimes painting a new color will tie in better with the look of a new piece.

Typically, I spray paint pulls black, but with the desk, the idea came to me of Turquoise. It took me a few days to pull the trigger, but I had a feeling they would really pop off the desk and look classy with their intricate design.

I first painted the pulls black, then added the Turquoise without completely covering the black.  This provided dimension as well as some slight variation to the look of the pulls.


Turq Pulls Desk Antq Off White



Off White Chunky Clothing Armoire – Before & After

Off White Clothing Armoire Before & After

When this clothing armoire first caught my eye in a thrift store, I was reminded of how out-dated and undesirable a piece like this can appear. There’s not doubt this armoire was made with style in mind, but 30-40 years later, the dated appearance betrays that it’s best days are over.

Unless of course, you let your imagination go in an entirely different direction! I asked myself how it would look painted, glazed, and distressed. Was there a way to create a whole new look off of all the chunky and ornate molding? I decided so, and took the risk.

I refinished the armoire in Off White Tobacco Glaze was used to accent all the molding and ornate areas, and provide a weathered look to the entire piece. Glaze does wonders with bringing out the best in an old piece, and that certainly was the case with this armoire.

I kept the original vintage pulls, letting them provide a throw back to the piece’s original design.

Off White Chunky Armoire Top


Off White Chunky Armoire Side


Chunky Clothing Armoire – Before & After

Half the fun with upstyling old, dated, weary and worn furniture is seeing the potential.  A recent customer saw what could be done with this clothing armoire, and here are photos to show its transformation.

The armoire was painted Off-white, distressed, and with tobacco colored glaze accenting the detailed areas.  All original hardware retained.

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