Chunky Sea Blue Dresser ~ Before & After.  Facelift Furniture DIY Blog.When I first started refinishing furniture, I followed a few blogs that gave me ideas on what could be done with dated, weary and worn pieces. I was amazed to see how cringe-worthy furniture could be refinished. A new world of creative opportunity opened up before me.

Take this chunky dresser for example. I would have never seen the value of this piece. The pulls were just too dated and over sized for my liking.

But then when refinished with paint, glaze, and distressing, the transformation made me like not only those large (yes, it’s okay to call them obnoxious!) pulls, but the upstyled look of the whole piece.

It’s almost like these all those 70’s and 80’s pieces common to my childhood were given the right to have offer their best again. And not only functionally, but as eye catching statement pieces that add one-of-a-kind pop and character to a bedroom or living space!

White-SPACEChunky Sea Blue Dresser ~ Before & After.  Facelift Furniture DIY Blog.


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