Home Depot Ralph Lauren Display & CansA couple of days ago, I saw this display at Home Depot announcing some BIG NEWS. Ralph Lauren Faux Technique Glaze is back, as Home Depot is again carrying the Ralph Lauren line of paints!

When I first experimented with Ralph Lauren Glaze 3 years ago, Home Depot had all the products on clearance as they were discontinuing the line.  I purchased as lot of glaze at a great price, but was sad that it would only be found at specialty paint stores.

In my DIY eBook “Facelift Your Furniture”, I explain in detail how to use Ralph Lauren Glaze on furniture. It is the product that makes the character of painted furniture come to life.  It highlights ornate detail and can reveal the wear and tear on furniture in a very charming manner.

I’m thrilled it’s back, and am very excited for everyone who has purchased “Facelift Your Furniture”. Purchasing this great product has become much easier for many!

UPDATE: The Tobacco, Tea Stained,  and Black Truffles tints I recommend in my eBook are not in Home Depot’s paint department computers for Ralph Lauren glaze. I am not sure why this is the case, but a helpful paint rep sent me the following original formulas for Tobacco and Tea Stained tints. For Black Truffles, simply ask for it to be tinted with as much black as possible (I don’t have a formula for Black Truffles, but that’s worked for me with numerous purchases). Take these numbers with you, and your Home Depot paint department should be able to mix them up for you in quart or gallon sized cans of glaze.

RL Tobacco & Tea Stained Tints


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  1. Thank you a million times! I was so excited to see the Ralph Lauren glaze back but was ultra bummed that my old favorites weren’t listed. So glad to get those formulas!!!

    1. Chrissy, just ask Home Depot to tint the glaze with as much black as possible. That will give you what you need!

  2. To make sure, I need to ask a seemingly dumb question. So the RL Faux Technique Glaze is a tintable base that you have to get mixed to the color you want? It’s not available in premixed colors?

  3. Can you please give me the formula for the darkest Ralph Lauren faux Glaze SMOKE.I used it years ago and did a lot of projects with it and love it. Now I cannot find any of the aging glazes. Do you know of any other specialty store that may carry it.? Does Home Depot still carry the Faux Technique Glaze base? If yes can you please give me the formula for the SMOKE tinted glaze. I believe that TEA was the lightest, TABACCo was the second darkest and SMOKE was the darkest of all of them. I’d appreciate it greatly if you can give me the formula for the Smoke Glaze which is the darkest.
    Thank you so much!

    1. Home Depot does carry the base, but Ralph Lauren no longer uses the older codes. I don’t have any info on Smoke, but if you google you may find something. Sorry I can’t be more helpful!

      1. The color of the glaze was actually at TABACCO. Do you have the formula for the TABACCO aging glaze.(this is the darkest) so that I can bring the base(which can be purchased on line on Home Depot.com) and bring it to the Home Depot store, as I was told by a Home Depot Paint Rep, that I could bring it into the store and they would add the color and tint it for me.

        I would greatly appreciate the formula for TABACCO. Also do you know of any other paint specialty paint stores that carry the Ralph Lauren aging glazes, TEA, SMOKE, TABACCO. Appreciate your help. Thank you!

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