Peacock Blue over Red Dresser & NightstandThis matching dresser and nightstand set was previously painted red, which provided a great opportunity to paint over and distress back down to to that color.  Latex paint needs time to cure before it can hold it’s own as a layer beneath another color.  Otherwise, it will sand off easily when the top color is distressed.

So I decided to go bold, and paint the set Peacock Blue. I knew the red underneath would provide a pop, and as you can see here with the heavy rustic distressing, it does that well. Black glaze provided accenting to detailed areas, as well as a weathered look to the new color scheme.

The old pulls were spray painted a dark bronze.

For even more inspiration, visit our Dressers and Nightstands albums for all our favorites in a variety of colors.

Peacock Blue over Red Dresser & Nightstand FLF

White-SPACEPeacock Blue over Red Dresser


    1. Jeanine, these pieces had previously been painted red and that paint had cured nicely. The Peacock Blue was applied over, and with the durable red underneath, it popped through nicely. Unless your piece is already red and cured (roughly a year), a coat of Peacock Blue over newly painted Red won’t produce the same results. Distressing will go straight through the red to the wood tones beneath.

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