Ornate Sea Blue Buffet Before & AfterThis ornate buffet was painted, glazed and distressed in Sea Blue and Black Glaze.  Distressing reveals white primer and wood tones.

Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Spray primer was applied to entire piece, so that distressing would reveal contrast of white against  the Sea Blue and Black Glaze.

The top of the piece was painted Sea Blue, like the rest of the piece, and then three coats of Black Glaze were brushed on to create darker look.





Ornate Sea Blue Buffet Black Glaze


  1. I’m looking at the sea blue & black glazed ornate entryway buffet. it’s beautiful. did you put the glaze on the entire thing? also, did you do something special with the glaze over the fancy stuff?

    1. Diane, sorry for the delayed reply! My eBook Facelift Your Furniture will do the best job of answering your question! Glazing is an art, and I devoted a lot of attention and detail to it in this downloadable DIY guide.

  2. This is absolutely stunning both the piece and the colour. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

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