Ornate Mirror in Distresesd Blazing Orange. From Facelift Furniture's DIY Blog.In my small warehouse, I have this great loft built by a previous tenant.  It’s up above the enclosed area where I do most refinishing, and stores all kinds of random pieces like mirrors and a few chairs other kinds of this-that-and-the-other. It’s really ideal for a creative like myself who tends to see the potential in things, but needs a place where things can be tucked away.

I’ve been refinishing an end table for a couple in Blazing Orange, which I had to buy more of since I’ve been out for a while, and once on hand, I decided to make up for some lost time with this color.  I saw all kinds of potential with this mirror.  For one thing, how often do you see a fancy, ornate mirror like this in a dark reddish orange?  I also knew the black glaze and distressing down to white prime and the original dark stained finish would make for quite the character when the piece was done.

This mirror had actually been up in my loft for at least a year or two, and I was kind of stalled out with what to do with it. The reason is that was missing the ornate topper piece (once I know the correct name for it, I’ll add it to this post!).  The one that came with this mirror, which was positioned in the top center area on top of the inverted shell-like detail, had been removed to use on another piece.

But then as I thought about refinishing the mirror in Blazing Orange, in my minds eye I could see it looking perfectly fine with that piece absent. With all it’s great detail, it was more than fine as it was. Which is one of the reasons it’s so fun to refinish furniture with paint, glaze and distressing. Repurposing gives a person permission to think outside the box, and boy did I have fun doing that with this mirror!

Oh, and by the way, Blazing Orange is the name of a color I gave to a quart of oops paint at Lowe’s!  This week, Home Depot color matched it for me, and now I own a whole gallon!  Now, onto the next project!


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