Off White Clothing Armoire Before & After

When this clothing armoire first caught my eye in a thrift store, I was reminded of how out-dated and undesirable a piece like this can appear. There’s not doubt this armoire was made with style in mind, but 30-40 years later, the dated appearance betrays that it’s best days are over.

Unless of course, you let your imagination go in an entirely different direction! I asked myself how it would look painted, glazed, and distressed. Was there a way to create a whole new look off of all the chunky and ornate molding? I decided so, and took the risk.

I refinished the armoire in Off White Tobacco Glaze was used to accent all the molding and ornate areas, and provide a weathered look to the entire piece. Glaze does wonders with bringing out the best in an old piece, and that certainly was the case with this armoire.

I kept the original vintage pulls, letting them provide a throw back to the piece’s original design.

Off White Chunky Armoire Top


Off White Chunky Armoire Side