MirrorRedMoldingWhen it comes to re-purposing old furniture, vintage mirrors are a lot of fun.  This piece came with the long old metal brackets to attach standing upright off the back of a dresser.  But seldom do I find folks wanting a matching mirror attached like that.  More often than not, large dressers I sell are re-purposed themselves into a flat screen console.

So then a mirror like this can take on a life of it’s own, popping with character for an entry way or large wall space in a room.

For this piece, I spray primed it white.  I then applied three coats of red, followed by black glaze which highlighted all the molding and many lines.  Distressing popped out not only the white, but the darker stained oak of the original finish as well.

If you had a special spot in your home for a mirror, where would you put it?