How to store a wet paintbrush. From the Facelift Furniture DIY BlogWhen refinishing furniture with a painted, glazed, and distressed look, your paintbrush is your most important tool. To make it last the entire project, the paint on it must be kept from drying out between coats.

The most effective way I’ve found to do this is to wrap it in a plastic shopping bag. Whether between coats or when I must step away from applying paint for more than a few  minutes, I wrap the brush in the plastic shopping bag, twist it around the base, and then lie it flat and ready to go for the next time I apply paint on a piece.

And before wrapping the brush up in the plastic bag, I typically run a little bit of water over the wet end of the brush as an added precaution to keep any of the paint on the brush from drying. I’ve even stored brushed up to a week this way, and found them ready to go when needed again.

Using this approach has also extended the life of my brushes over multiple projects and several years.