How to make your paint brush last multiple projects. From the Facelift Furniture DIY Inspiration blog.For over 4 years, I’ve been refinishing furniture with paint, glaze and distressing. My trusted collection of quality paint brushes have been with me most of that time.

Here’s what I’ve done to make them last. By following these steps, you can keep your paint brushes handy for multiple projects too:

  1. Moisten the brush with water before applying paint. This will prevent paint from drying on the brush while it’s in use.
  2. Between coats, apply a little water over the paint on the brush and wrap the brush tight in a plastic shopping bag. I’ve stored brushes up to a week this way. I also do this when taking a break from painting for more than 5 minutes. Any longer, and the paint can start to dry on the brush.
  3. When done using the brush, soak in water with a little dish soap. Of course, you could go to the next step and wash your brush, but soaking in water works great if you’re not able to wash right away.
  4. Wash the brush in water with dish soap, rinsing repeated until water that rings out is mostly clear.
  5. Hang or lay flat to dry and then store in a spot you’ll remember for your next project.