How Glaze Transforms Painted Furniture - From Facelift Furniture's DIY BlogWhen furniture is given a new look with latex enamel paint, faux technique glaze takes the piece to a whole other level. Glaze makes molding, ornate detail, and dents and dings pop out and come to life!

Paint provides a piece a fresh start; glaze proclaims all the unique character and qualities of a furniture piece. Faux technique glaze is a translucent paint-like substance. Similar to paint, it doesn’t coat as heavily and let’s color beneath peak through.

Ralph Lauren Faux Technique glaze is my product of choice. It’s the highest quality and a quart will last multiple projects. Black and brown tints are those I use most often.

Glazing is an art to be learned, and we describe it step-by-step in our DIY eBook Facelift Your Furniture. Reguarly priced $9.98, it may be purchased for $6.49 with code ILOVEDIY.




    1. Crystal, I use satin finish Rust-oleum Ultimate Polyurethane, as I think it provides a more durable and longer lasting finish than wax. It applies very easily, smoothly, and recoates after two hours. Highly recommend. You can find it on Amazon.

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