Facelift Your Furniture DIY Refinishing eBook. Only $6.49 with code ILOVEDIY!

Does your old furniture need a new look?

The Facelift Your Furniture DIY eBook will set you up for success with the products and steps for a painted, glazed, and distressed finish.

Facelift Your Furniture includes:

  •  Tips for furniture selection
  •  Paint and glaze color recommendations and suggested retail locations
  •  Printable materials shopping list and project check list
  •  Step-by-step instructions and photo illustrations for furniture prep, painting, glazing, distressing, and applying polyurethane protective finish

FYF-examples Learn the proven process used at Facelift Furniture, and reap the rewards of refinishing your furniture with durable, one-of-a-kind finish tailor fit for your living space!      

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“For all Facelift Furniture Fans: this eBook is $10 well spent! I learned tons of ways to not only save time but also improve the overall finished product. For beginners, Jeff included printable shopping lists and great step by step instructions. Well done!”              – Michelle B.

“I love Facelift Your Furniture! I recently have become a “facelifter” to furniture and Jeff’s eBook has been a wonderful tool!  The download was quick and easy. Jeff’s directions and information have saved me time and money! The ebook gave me the confidence I needed to know I was painting furniture the right way! The first piece I did following his simple instructions turned out AWESOME! Thank you Jeff for sharing your vast knowledge with us. I will be using this eBook for a long time! – Sondra F.

“As soon as Jeff announced the eBook was ready for purchase I ordered my copy right away and I’m so glad I did!  The eBook is affordable, well-written, very easy to understand and follow.  It is organized, precise, and FULL of helpful information for any DIYer such myself.  In this eBook you will find wonderful information on topics such as how to select the perfect piece, setting up your space, sanding, priming, brush and care, glazing, distressing and so much more.  I have found Jeff’s recommendations and instructions very helpful and I’m sure you will too!”  – Amy A.

DIY with Facelift Your Furniture

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