Want a new look for your old furniture? Our DIY eBook "Facelift Your Furniture" will set you up for success with the products and steps for a painted, glazed, and distressed look. Only $6.49 with discount code ILOVEDIY. Purchase your copy by clicking the EBOOK tab below.

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Painted, Glazed & Distressed Furniture

Our DIY eBook Facelift Your Furniture is only $6.49 with discount code ILOVEDIY!Our DIY eBook Facelift Your Furniture is only $6.49 with discount code ILOVEDIY!

Refinish your furniture with a painted, glazed and distressed look!

Our step-by-step eBook will show you how. Facelift Your Furniture includes:

  •  Tips for furniture selection
  •  Paint and glaze color recommendations and suggested retail locations
  •  Printable materials shopping list and project check list
  •  Step-by-step instructions and photo illustrations for furniture prep, painting, glazing, distressing, and applying polyurethane protective finish

Normally, $9.98, you can receive your copy for $6.49 with discount code ILOVEDIY. Purchase and download your copy HERE!

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