Dresser and Mirror Hutch in distressed Turquoise and Off White, with Black Glaze accenting detailed areas. From Facelift Furniture.

Four years ago, I discovered what paint, glaze and distressing can do to a dated, past-its-prime piece of furniture. A chunky and worn out old nightstand led me to discover how glaze accents painted furniture, and I was hooked.

Fast forward to when I found this dresser with mirror hutch in a neighborhood garage sale. Typically, I pass on refinishing mirror hutches, but I saw the enormous potential with this piece.

I opted for Turquoise and Off White, with Black Glaze used on both colors. Distressing reveals the primer and original wood tones.

The original pulls were spray painted black, providing a tie in with the Black Glaze, and a throw back to the original look of the piece.

For even more inspiration, go HERE to see the Before & After of this dresser and mirror hutch!


Turquoise & Off White Dresser Painted Glazed Distressed