NS Denim Blue Before & AfterPaint, glaze and distressing provide endless options for upstyling old furniture!  With the endless color options of latex enamel, any number of possibilities open up for an old piece to take on a new look.

Take this weary, old nightstand with missing knobs on the top drawer. I picked it up at a garage sale, and it was a pretty worn out piece with very little visual appeal.

Having refinished furniture for more than three years, I have a partial cans of painting just waiting to be opened and used again, and Denim Blue seemed a great option for this nightstand.

Now truth be known, when I upstyle a piece like this, I often go back and forth on the color, sometimes deciding the final color soon after spraying on white primer.

For this nightstand, Denim Blue was my choice, with Black Glaze working the detail of the molding and wear of and tear of the piece.

Typically, I would have spray painted the pulls black. But I opted for white instead, spraying the pull and a couple knobs I had on hand. They tie in nicely with the white primer that pops through the distressing!