Crib Rail Repurposed into Kids Art Display ~ From Facelift Furniture's DIY Blog

Here’s a fun DIY project we did for our kid’s play room.  Earlier this year, I found an old crib on a nearby curb.  I starting thinking about what could be done with the cool looking rails.  Working with furniture, I’m a big fan of finding ways to repurpose old pieces with nice chunky or molded features.

Here at home, we came up with the idea of making a crib rail into a display for our kid’s artwork.  The crib rail was spray painted Peacock Blue, and then distressed.  We attached bulldog clips spray painted red, green and yellow, using small wood screws with spray painted heads.

We love how this now displays photos and our kids’ treasured creations.  Our daughter Rebekah–almost 5 years–loves to draw colorfully fashioned girls with accessories.  This board is a fun looking “designated place” for creations from her and her siblings!


    1. Jennifer, thanks for stopping by. Enjoyed your post! This display piece remains a focal point of our kids’ playroom. It’s the catch all for their many art projects and photos of our kids too.

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