Maple Chest Sea Blue & Off White - Before & AfterOne of my favorite color combinations when painting, glazing, and distressing furniture is Sea Blue and Off White.

With this maple chest of drawers, I painted the top, drawers fronts, and bottom of the molding Sea Blue. The rest was painted Off White. Both colors were glazed Black, with the Off White glazed more lightly.

When the pulls on a piece like this feel dated, I like upstyling them with a new color. Spray painting them black gave them a whole new look that looks great with the two other colors.

As with all pieces I refinish, all surfaces had a protective polyurethane finish. I use Zinnser Ultimate Polyurethane, which I purchase at Lowe’s. It is water based, goes on very smoothly, and can be recoated after two hours.

This protective finish also enhances all the colors on the pieces, including the wood tones that pop through from distressing.