Chunky Clothing Armoire in Distressed Off White – Before & After

Chunky Clothing Armoire in distressed Off White with Tobacco Glaze - Before & After from Facelift Furniture's DIY BlogThis chunky armoire was a child of the 80’s, and just waiting for a new look. It was painted, glazed, and distressed in Off White and Tobacco Glaze.

The original pulls were resused, and their vintage character popped right off the new look of the piece. Distressing revealed the original wood tones.

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Ralph Lauren Glaze is Back at Home Depot!

Home Depot Ralph Lauren Display & CansA couple of days ago, I saw this display at Home Depot announcing some BIG NEWS. Ralph Lauren Faux Technique Glaze is back, as Home Depot is again carrying the Ralph Lauren line of paints!

When I first experimented with Ralph Lauren Glaze 3 years ago, Home Depot had all the products on clearance as they were discontinuing the line.  I purchased as lot of glaze at a great price, but was sad that it would only be found at specialty paint stores.

In my DIY eBook “Facelift Your Furniture”, I explain in detail how to use Ralph Lauren Glaze on furniture. It is the product that makes the character of painted furniture come to life.  It highlights ornate detail and can reveal the wear and tear on furniture in a very charming manner.

I’m thrilled it’s back, and am very excited for everyone who has purchased “Facelift Your Furniture”. Purchasing this great product has become much easier for many!

UPDATE: The Tobacco, Tea Stained,  and Black Truffles tints I recommend in my eBook are not in Home Depot’s paint department computers for Ralph Lauren glaze. I am not sure why this is the case, but a helpful paint rep sent me the following original formulas for Tobacco and Tea Stained tints. For Black Truffles, simply ask for it to be tinted with as much black as possible (I don’t have a formula for Black Truffles, but that’s worked for me with numerous purchases). Take these numbers with you, and your Home Depot paint department should be able to mix them up for you in quart or gallon sized cans of glaze.

RL Tobacco & Tea Stained Tints


This website is in no way affiliated with Home Depot or Ralph Laurne. The opinions stated here are my own.


Grey Vintage Dresser with Scrollwork – Before & After

Grey Vintage Dresser with Scrollwork ~ Before and After. Find more painted, glazed & distressed inspiration on our Pinterest boards, or on the Facelift Furniture DIY blog.This piece is a classic example of how hopeless looking furniture can take on a whole new life. And it’s showcases how paint, glaze, and distressing can make it happen!

The potential lay in the molding, scroll work, and solid bones. I also had matching pulls on hand to replace those missing, allowing the piece to retain the vintage charm of original hardware.

Painted Weathered Grey, with Tobacco Glaze accenting all the detail, the dresser came back to life. Distressing revealed the original wood tones, drawing out hints of its early days.

Part of a custom order, the piece was repurposed for a living area.


Finding Ralph Lauren Glaze

When in comes to refinishing furniture, GLAZE is my best friend.  Glaze draws out the character and detail of a piece with a weathered charm that is hard to match. As you can see, my cans of glaze do not sit idle.

In my new DIY eBook “Facelift Your Furniture”, I describe in detail what glaze is, and how you can use it step-by-step–with photo illustrations to guide your way.  If you want to learn to glaze painted furniture, you will find this how to guide very helpful!

In the eBook, I recommend Ralph Lauren Faux Technique Glaze as THE product to use on furniture. It is outstanding and works wonders. It is available at Home Depot* and at specialty paint stores.

On the Ralph Lauren website, you can search for the closest paint store selling RL glaze. Follow the link HERE to the search page (far right box) where you can enter your zip code to find the closest store. Two lines down, be sure and designate that you are looking for “Ralph Lauren Paint Stores”.

Oh, and another thing.  RL glaze can be purchased in quarts.  You don’t need to purchase a gallon, and a quart will last you many projects!

*After a three year period of not carrying Ralph Lauren paint products, Home Depot starting carrying the line again July 2014.

Desk with Shelves – Before & After

Desk with shelves, painted Off-white, chippy distressed, and with Tobacco colored glaze.  New hardware.  

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Chunky Clothing Armoire – Before & After

Half the fun with upstyling old, dated, weary and worn furniture is seeing the potential.  A recent customer saw what could be done with this clothing armoire, and here are photos to show its transformation.

The armoire was painted Off-white, distressed, and with tobacco colored glaze accenting the detailed areas.  All original hardware retained.

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