Bookshelf Repurposed from an Abandoned Hutch

How a discarged maple hutch was repurposed into a bookshelf - Before & After from Facelift FurnitureOne of my favorite things to do with furniture is to repurpose pieces destined for the curb.  This maple hutch top was a great candidate for the garbage heap, but I found it instead at a thrift store.

Separated from it’s original cabinet, it was in an awkward state, left to linger without much a life ahead of it.  But I saw the potential for a bookshelf, having previously repurposed an old hutch in a similar way. So out came my circular saw.  I drew a straight line along it’s sides and back, and then cut away the lower leg supports.

I then painted it Antiqued White, used Tea Stained glaze to provide a weathered look, and then distressed the piece.  With it’s original adjustable shelves, a  “new” bookshelf was born!

Finding Ralph Lauren Glaze

When in comes to refinishing furniture, GLAZE is my best friend.  Glaze draws out the character and detail of a piece with a weathered charm that is hard to match. As you can see, my cans of glaze do not sit idle.

In my new DIY eBook “Facelift Your Furniture”, I describe in detail what glaze is, and how you can use it step-by-step–with photo illustrations to guide your way.  If you want to learn to glaze painted furniture, you will find this how to guide very helpful!

In the eBook, I recommend Ralph Lauren Faux Technique Glaze as THE product to use on furniture. It is outstanding and works wonders. It is available at Home Depot* and at specialty paint stores.

On the Ralph Lauren website, you can search for the closest paint store selling RL glaze. Follow the link HERE to the search page (far right box) where you can enter your zip code to find the closest store. Two lines down, be sure and designate that you are looking for “Ralph Lauren Paint Stores”.

Oh, and another thing.  RL glaze can be purchased in quarts.  You don’t need to purchase a gallon, and a quart will last you many projects!

*After a three year period of not carrying Ralph Lauren paint products, Home Depot starting carrying the line again July 2014.

Distressed Antiqued White French Provincial Dresser

White French Provincial Dresser FLFBeautiful, classic nine drawer French provincial dresser painted Antiqued White.  Lightly distressed, with light Tea Stained Glaze, creating an antiqued white look that is stunning.  This large dresser is solid wood through and through, with dovetail joint drawers that are deep and spacious.  Includes original hardware.

For more examples of how paint, glaze, and distressing can transform old furniture, visit our DIY Inspiration album.

White French Provincial Dresser

Chunky Antiqued White End Table

SOLD: This white distressed end table celebrates chunkiness with gusto! Tea-stained glaze creates a antiqued white look with lots of character–and some real charm! 28″ long, 21″ wide, and 20″ tall. Includes original hardware–a rare find for a retro pull indeed!

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Antique Turquoise Coffee Table

SOLD:   Antique coffee table with lots of charm and character.  Painted turquoise, distressed and with tea-stained glaze.  Perfect for a compact living area.  Make of oak, with very sturdy legs.  36″ long, 19″ wide, and 16″ tall.  
– coffee table prior to painting –

Notice all the great detail on the legs!
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White Antique Side Table

SOLD: Very cute distressed white sewing table made into a great looking end or side table. Tea-stained glaze gives the fresh white paint an antiqued look. Tall enough that it could be used as a small entry table. Stylish detail in the wood corners and legs. Top and front open to empty sewing machine and supply storage. Includes original pulls. 22.5″ wide, 17.5″ deep, and 31″ high.

– the table before being painted white –

To purchase, please call Jeff at 979-575-7627 or email