Robin’s Egg Blue Entry Piece – Before & After

Entry piece in distressed in Black and Robin's Egg Blue with Black Glaze. Original pulls painted black. Before and after from Facelift Furniture.This entry piece was transformed with Robin’s Egg Blue, along with Black used in three different ways on the cabinet.

The first was Black paint applied to the top. The second was Black Glaze used to accent and provide distinct contrast to the lower areas painted Robin’s Egg Blue. The third wad black spray paint applied to the original pulls.

With paint, glaze, and distressing, this piece was give a whole new look!



Robin’s Egg Chunky End Table – Before & After

Robins Egg Chunky End Table - Before & AfterWhen I first saw this end table,  my wheels starting turning. With its chunky posts, molding, shelves anddoors on each side, I knew I was onto a piece that would look great painted, glazed and distressed.

I chose Robin’s Egg Blue as the color. It provides a bright yet calming touch on bold features. And black glaze does a masterful job of accenting molding and lines while contrasting the light blue color.

With this paint and glaze color combo, I love how distesssing adds even more to the eye as white primer and the original wood tones and stain pop through.


Upstyled Sewing Tables

Upstyled Sewing Tables in Lime Green, Turquoise, Robin's Egg Blue, and Chili Pepper Red. Facelift Furniture DIY Blog.These sewing tables were painted, glazed, and distressed to provide an upstyled look for these dated pieces.

Lime Green, Turquoise, Robin’s Egg Blue, and Chili Pepper Red were used on these pieces. Black Glaze accented the detailed areas. All were distressed.

Sewing cabinets are great for repurposing, and the Lime Green and Robin’s Egg Blue pieces were purchased to be used as small vanities.  The Turquoise piece was purchased as an end table, and the Chili Pepper Red sewing table held an antique singer that was kept inside.

You may have noticed that the Robin’s Egg Blue and Chili Pepper Red pieces are identical. On each, the original wood pull was refinished along with each table.

Since sewing tables are designed with tops that open for sewing machines to set out, there are no actual drawers.  Either a door swings out from the front, or as in the case of the matching pair, the small drawer front hinges open from the bottom and reveals a small storage cubby.

Repurposed Headboards, Futons & Cabinet Doors

Headboards, futon arm rests, and cabinet doors repurposed into coat racks, chalkboards, and photo displays.  Facelift Furniture DIY Blog.

Repurposing, oh the endless options!! At Facelift Furniture, we specialize in upstyling weary and worn furniture into prized pieces that pop with character and restored charm. And we love getting creative with dated pieces that aren’t quite as useful as they once were. Destined for the dump, we rework their look and functionality into prized pieces with one-of-a-kind character!

It’s something you can do too!Headboards, futon arm rests, and cabinet doors repurposed into coat racks, chalkboards, and photo displays. Find more inspiration on our Pinterest boards, or on the Facelift Furniture DIY blog.

Take the futon arm rests above. Sitting out by a dumpster, I saw potential with their design, and repurposed them into coat racks and photo display boards.

The small cabinet doors were discarded samples from a local cabinet builder. Painted, glazed, and distressed, and with hooks from Hobby Lobby, they took on a new purpose and pop with new life.

Headboards and footboards, well don’t get me started! With all their chunky, molded and ornate design, enormous potential awaits for chalk boards, coat and towel racks, and photo displays too.

Last but not least, drawer fronts. You know those chests of drawers or dressers on their last leg and left out by the curb? Ever noticed how their drawers may have great ornate design? Remove the fronts from those drawers, and you have lots of possibilities with paint, glaze, and distressing and some great looking hardware!

Enormous potential awaits dated and used up pieces to be transformed just like these! Just think of what gems await in your local thrift store, on a nearby curb or (just plug your nose) sitting next to a dumpster not far from you!

Robin’s Egg Blue Pedestal Table – Before & After

Robin's Egg Blue Pedestal Table ~ Before & After. Facelift Furniture DIY Blog.
Ah, spring. Yes.  It’s my favorite time of year, with old familiar colors returning on the winds of warmer days.

As a child, I remember finding that occasional pale blue egg shell discarded by a robin. The color was a stand out, an unexpected find on a spring day.

Now as a paint color, robin’s egg blue is a favorite for furniture. Soothing, refreshing, and quite the nice contrast when black glaze is used to accent detail, robin’s egg blue gives weary and worn pieces a whole new life. 

Take this Duncan Phyfe pedestal table for example. It’s surface was worn, with old protective finish chipping away.  It needed TLC, and paint provided a new beginning, while black glaze accented the original detail–as well as the wear and tear from years of use.

The metal caps at the end of each leg were kept their original color.  Reattached, they provided a tie in to the original design of the piece.

Marrying Lime Green & Robin’s Egg Blue with Black Glaze

End Tables Lime Green & Robins EggWhen refinishing furniture with paint, glaze, and distressing, I love how I get to think outside the box with how furniture can take on a new look. The other day, I realized it had been a while since I had I had refinished pieces in Lime Green or Robin’s Egg Blue. These aren’t your typical furniture colors, and yet they are two of my favorites–especially with end tables!

But the paint alone isn’t enough.  Black glaze works magic with these colors, with how it at once contrasts them, but also highlights all the original molding and ornate design.  It also draws out the nicks, dings and wear on that piece that speak of how it has held up under years of everyday use.

Glaze to painted furniture is like what a wedding day is to the rehearsal the night before.  The rehearsal is a big deal when it comes to something big and new that is about to happen, but it compares nothing to the actual wedding day itself. Painted furniture that is glazed is like the wedding day. The art of glazing takes painted furniture and elevates it’s character and beauty and charm to a whole new level.

The end tables here both have ornate design that invite the wedding of paint and glaze.  In the photo above, they are just painted, but below, they have taken on lives of their own!

Ornate End Table in Robin's Egg Blue. Before & After, from Facelift Furniture's DIY Blog.

White-SPACEOrnate Lime Green End Table. Before & After, from Facelift Furniture's DIY Blog.


Antique Dresser in Distressed Robin’s Egg Blue – Before & After

Robin's Egg Blue Dresser - Before & AfterThis antique dresser was custom refinished with a painted, glazed, and distressed look. It was upstyled in Robin’s Egg Blue and Black Glaze, with distressing revealing white primer and the original wood tones.

This piece was a custom order for a new baby boy’s changing table.

Go HERE to see how the matching chest of drawers was refinished in Peacock Blue!