Nightstand Repurposed into Sewing Storage – Before & After

Nightstand repurposed into sewing storage - Before and After from Facelift FurnitureThis simple nightstand was repurposed into a sewing storage cabinet for my daughter using paint, glaze and distressing.

The top was painted Dark Brown, while the front and sides were painted Robin’s Egg Blue. 

The drawers were painted Turquoise, Blazing Orange, Lime Green, and Peacock Blue. 

Black Glaze was used to provide an aged look with the new colors. Light distressing revealed the original wood tones and white primer. 

Brushed silver knobs were add to the drawers. 


REDO Your Weary Old Furniture with Paint, Glaze & Distressing

In all my year of painting, glazing and distressing furniture, there’s something that never grew old with seeing how a dated, weary old piece of furniture could pop back to life with a great new look.

Building upon eye catching design, old pieces are brought back to life with how the colors of paint, glaze and distressing work off each other.

The paint provides a transformative new color.

The glaze accents black or brown against that color, highlighting molding and highlighting the wear and tear on a piece.

Distressing pops out the contrasting colors of not only wood tones, but primer too.

This combination add character and class to pieces destined to college dorms, thrift shops or roadside curbs?

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Repurpose Headboard & Footboards into Coat Racks & Chalkboards

Old head and foot boards repurposed into coat racks and chalk boards! DIY inspiration from Facelift Furniture.Old head and foot boards are perfect pieces for repurposing into useful wall pieces like coat racks and chalkboards. 

With the look provided by paint, glaze and distressing, head and foot boards of all sizes can take on a whole new life!

With added hooks, you can hang coats, towels, backpacks…you name it! The black hooks in these head and foot boards are from Hobby Lobby. 

And chalkboard paint allows you to transform flat surfaces into a creative writing space.

For more inspiration, visit our Repurposed Collection!




Distressed Off White Ornate Dresser – Before & After

This dresser, with its ornate doors and drawers, was given a new life with paint, glaze and distressing

The dresser was first painted Off White, then accented with Tobacco Glaze

Distressing revealed the original wood tones, adding a pop of contrast.

The original vintage flower knobs were reused, providing a throw back to the original design.

For more inspiration, visit our Dressers – Before & After collection. 

REDO Your Furniture with DIY Paint, Glaze & Distressing

REDO Your Furniture with Paint, Glaze and DistressingFurniture pieces that have seen their better day are prime candidates for the transformation that paint, glaze and distressing can provide. 

Latex paint provides endless color options for a piece of furniture needing a new look.

Faux technique glaze accents that new color, providing a weathered and antiqued look as it accents molding, ornate, detail, and the little dents and dings that add character to an older piece.

Distressing adds even more contrast as it pops out original wood tones and primer as well.

As often as possible, I like to reuse the original vintage hardware on piece, providing a throw back to the original design. 

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Paint, Glaze & Distressed Your Furniture For A Whole New Look!

Paint, Glaze & Distressed Your Furniture For A Whole New Look!Weary old furniture that’s seen it’s better day has a chance at a whole new life with paint, glaze and distressing!

Pieces that are perfect for refinishing are often cringe-worthy at first site. Yet that dated appearance can pop back to life with color and the ways glaze and distressing accent the original design of vintage furniture.

Our furniture collections, both here on our website and on Pinterest, are dedicated to providing DIY’rs great ideas on how this new look can come to life!


Facelift Your Furniture DIY eBook only $6.49!

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