Repurposed Headboards, Futons & Cabinet Doors

Headboards, futon arm rests, and cabinet doors repurposed into coat racks, chalkboards, and photo displays.  Facelift Furniture DIY Blog.

Repurposing, oh the endless options!! At Facelift Furniture, we specialize in upstyling weary and worn furniture into prized pieces that pop with character and restored charm. And we love getting creative with dated pieces that aren’t quite as useful as they once were. Destined for the dump, we rework their look and functionality into prized pieces with one-of-a-kind character!

It’s something you can do too!Headboards, futon arm rests, and cabinet doors repurposed into coat racks, chalkboards, and photo displays. Find more inspiration on our Pinterest boards, or on the Facelift Furniture DIY blog.

Take the futon arm rests above. Sitting out by a dumpster, I saw potential with their design, and repurposed them into coat racks and photo display boards.

The small cabinet doors were discarded samples from a local cabinet builder. Painted, glazed, and distressed, and with hooks from Hobby Lobby, they took on a new purpose and pop with new life.

Headboards and footboards, well don’t get me started! With all their chunky, molded and ornate design, enormous potential awaits for chalk boards, coat and towel racks, and photo displays too.

Last but not least, drawer fronts. You know those chests of drawers or dressers on their last leg and left out by the curb? Ever noticed how their drawers may have great ornate design? Remove the fronts from those drawers, and you have lots of possibilities with paint, glaze, and distressing and some great looking hardware!

Enormous potential awaits dated and used up pieces to be transformed just like these! Just think of what gems await in your local thrift store, on a nearby curb or (just plug your nose) sitting next to a dumpster not far from you!

Barn Red Dresser – Before & After

Barn Red Dresser ~ Before & After. How the simplest piece can be transformed to make a statement. From Facelift Furniture's DIY Blog.Even the simplest dresser is a great candidate for a transformed look when paint, glaze, and distressing are involved.  Take this pine dresser.  It has no molding or other stand out features in it’s design.

Yet when painted Barn Red, glazed Black, and distressed, the piece takes on a new life. The new and large knobs add a pop of character. This dresser is ready to make a statement not only in a bedroom, but in a living area as a potential flat screen stand.

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Mid-Century Modern Dresser in Red – Before & After

Mid-Century Dresser in Chili Pepper Red and Black Glaze ~ Before and After. Find more painted, glazed & distressed inspiration on our Pinterest boards, or on the Facelift Furniture DIY blog.Mid-century modern dressers take on a whole new look when upstyled with paint, glaze, and distressing. This piece was custom refinished in Chili Pepper Red for a living area, with Black Glaze accenting the finish and linear molded areas.

Refinished in red took this piece in a great direction for repurposing. All kinds of DIY options open up for dreary vintage furniture when paint, glaze and distressing are used!

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Peacock Blue over Red Dresser & Nightstand

Peacock Blue over Red Dresser & NightstandThis matching dresser and nightstand set was previously painted red, which provided a great opportunity to paint over and distress back down to to that color.  Latex paint needs time to cure before it can hold it’s own as a layer beneath another color.  Otherwise, it will sand off easily when the top color is distressed.

So I decided to go bold, and paint the set Peacock Blue. I knew the red underneath would provide a pop, and as you can see here with the heavy rustic distressing, it does that well. Black glaze provided accenting to detailed areas, as well as a weathered look to the new color scheme.

The old pulls were spray painted a dark bronze.

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Peacock Blue over Red Dresser & Nightstand FLF

White-SPACEPeacock Blue over Red Dresser

Waterfall Dresser Repurposed into Media Console

Waterfall dresser repurposed into a media console. From Facelift Furniture's DIY blog.This worn down waterfall dresser was my first experiment with converting a piece into a media console while refinishing with a painted, glazed, and distressed look.

Part of a custom order, we decided to remove the top shelf and create a space for media components. Lowe’s Valspar “Quite Red” was selected, and I cut and attached piece of wood to serve as the shelf.

The entire piece was painted, then lightly glazed Black. The original pulls were used for the lower drawers.



Waterfall Dresser Repurposed in Media Console - Before & After. Facelift Furniture DIY Blog

Here’s to the big red bookshelves

Yesterday, Julie and I celebrated 8 years of marriage.  With the kiddos in bed, we marked the occasion over brownie sundaes.  Then we did something that was, strangely, a bit sad. We decommissioned one of our tall red bookshelves from the house to the garage.

When Julie and I were married, we were in a tight budget.  Yet  we made the best of what we had and created a warm home in the process.  Back then, I worked for a non-profit ministry, and in my home office I had these tall, narrow, sturdy bookshelves made of very sturdy composite wood.  Initially an unattractive grayish-beige, Julie had an idea of what they could become.

Red paint in hand, Julie recruited me to the project. She showed me how furniture can be painted and given a new life. And those two bookshelves became a mainstay in our home. Photos on them captured the story of our new life together.  We’ve since lived in 4 different homes with varying amount of space, and they’ve always been a bright focal point in any room.

Since those early days, we’ve continue to make the most of what we have.  Recently, I surprised to count over a dozen pieces of furniture in our home we’ve painted.  They are in every room of the house.  Initially Julie was the furniture painter, but I’ve taken it up, largely due to seeing what she’s done with several pieces in our home. 

The number is growing, which is why one of the red shelves has been bumped from the play room, to the garage.  I recently found a $12.99 entertainment cabinet at Goodwill that, well, looked pretty bad–AND had lots of potential as a new addition to the play room!  It will hold books and toys, and once the walls receive their new paint this weekend, I’ll show you how it looks in the playroom.

In the mean time, I am very grateful for my wife, who has embraced making the best of what we’ve got, verses feeling like we’ve got to have the best in life to be happy.  Julie, you make our marriage all the sweeter for approaching life that way.  Thanks for trusting God through thick and thin.  I’m so grateful for you!

Custom Red Dresser & Nightstand

Nightstand Red

I recently completed this dresser and nightstand for Callie & Tony, who are expecting their first.  The dresser will serve as a changing table, and the color they chose is “Posh Red” from Lowe’s.

Instead of distressing, we simply went with black glaze.  The pieces already had a lot of character, and with new pulls, they took on a great new look.

In Callie’s own words…

“We absolutely love that red color and the finished product. We get a lot of compliments on those pieces and know they’ll stay with us for a long time! Couldn’t be happier.”

I am now a big fan of this deep, vibrant red, and have recently used it on several nightstands and an end table.

Dresser Red