French Mirror in Distressed Off White – Before & After

This French mirror was given a whole new look with paint, glaze and distressing

The frame was painted Off White, with Tobacco Glaze accenting the detail.

Light distressing revealed the original wood tones.

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The Limitless Options of Paint Colors & Old Pieces

The limitless options of paint colors and old furniture pieces. From Facelift Furniture's DIY blog.When it comes to old pieces of furniture, I’m a big fan of thinking outside the box. I like thinking about how a dated piece or discarded cabinet door can be repurposed and made into an eye catching accent.

Whether coat racks or chalkboards, what was once past it’s prime brings a pop of character into a home.

And with the limitless options of colors that can be used with paint, glaze and distressing, opportunities for creativity jump out all over the place!



Distressed Turquoise & Off White Dresser with Mirror Hutch

Dresser and Mirror Hutch in distressed Turquoise and Off White, with Black Glaze accenting detailed areas. From Facelift Furniture.

Four years ago, I discovered what paint, glaze and distressing can do to a dated, past-its-prime piece of furniture. A chunky and worn out old nightstand led me to discover how glaze accents painted furniture, and I was hooked.

Fast forward to when I found this dresser with mirror hutch in a neighborhood garage sale. Typically, I pass on refinishing mirror hutches, but I saw the enormous potential with this piece.

I opted for Turquoise and Off White, with Black Glaze used on both colors. Distressing reveals the primer and original wood tones.

The original pulls were spray painted black, providing a tie in with the Black Glaze, and a throw back to the original look of the piece.

For even more inspiration, go HERE to see the Before & After of this dresser and mirror hutch!


Turquoise & Off White Dresser Painted Glazed Distressed


Vintage 1971 Mirrors in Barn Red & Off White

Mirror Ornate Barn RedIn my previous post, I wrote about a nightstand upstyled in Robin’s Egg Blue & Black. That piece was part of a bedroom set I purchased, including an ornate dresser and matching mirrors.

Rarely do I refinish a set like that the same color. Instead, when painting, glazing and distressing, I like to choose unique colors fitting for each piece. With the matching mirrors, I selected Barn Red and Off White.

With the mirrors, I removed the mirror glass from each frames. 1971 was stamped on the back of each, revealing the year they were made. Removing the mirror glass allows refinishing without taping the mirror, and a clean, well defined finish is created that doesn’t bleed onto the mirror surface.

Both frames were spray primed white, and then painted with two coats of latex enamel. The Barn Red frame was glazed Black, while the Off White frame was glazed Tobacco.

Both frame were distressed, with white primer adding a great pop and contrast to the Black Glaze and color of the Barn Red frame. Then the frames received a coat of polyurethane to protect the new finish.

White-SPACEMirror Ornate Off White



Matching Vintage Mirrors in Lime Green & Turquoise

Matching Mirrors Turquoise & Lime GreenMatching 70’s dresser mirrors painted, glazed, and distressed in Lime Green and Turquoise.  Both distressed and with heavy Black glaze.

Lots of upstyled vintage character for a narrow space!  Includes hardware for hanging on wall.  Back of each mirror is stamped “1971”.