Marrying Lime Green & Robin’s Egg Blue with Black Glaze

End Tables Lime Green & Robins EggWhen refinishing furniture with paint, glaze, and distressing, I love how I get to think outside the box with how furniture can take on a new look. The other day, I realized it had been a while since I had I had refinished pieces in Lime Green or Robin’s Egg Blue. These aren’t your typical furniture colors, and yet they are two of my favorites–especially with end tables!

But the paint alone isn’t enough.  Black glaze works magic with these colors, with how it at once contrasts them, but also highlights all the original molding and ornate design.  It also draws out the nicks, dings and wear on that piece that speak of how it has held up under years of everyday use.

Glaze to painted furniture is like what a wedding day is to the rehearsal the night before.  The rehearsal is a big deal when it comes to something big and new that is about to happen, but it compares nothing to the actual wedding day itself. Painted furniture that is glazed is like the wedding day. The art of glazing takes painted furniture and elevates it’s character and beauty and charm to a whole new level.

The end tables here both have ornate design that invite the wedding of paint and glaze.  In the photo above, they are just painted, but below, they have taken on lives of their own!

Ornate End Table in Robin's Egg Blue. Before & After, from Facelift Furniture's DIY Blog.

White-SPACEOrnate Lime Green End Table. Before & After, from Facelift Furniture's DIY Blog.


Matching Vintage Mirrors in Lime Green & Turquoise

Matching Mirrors Turquoise & Lime GreenMatching 70’s dresser mirrors painted, glazed, and distressed in Lime Green and Turquoise.  Both distressed and with heavy Black glaze.

Lots of upstyled vintage character for a narrow space!  Includes hardware for hanging on wall.  Back of each mirror is stamped “1971”.

Vintage Mirrors in New Colors

Vintage dresser mirrors are great candidates for an upstyled look.  There matching mirrors, dated “1971” on the back, were set free in Lime Green  and Turquoise.  Both are distressed and with heavy black glaze.  They are each 45″ tall, and just 19.5″ wide, providing a narrow wall space with a lot of pop!

The Nine Needing a New Look


Last summer, we introduced a series called Nine Needing a New Look.  We took a collection of dated and weary looking nightstands and end tables, and one-by-one upstyled them with distressed paint and glaze finishes.

Starting out as a new business, it was a great way to experiment and see how these pieces can be given a new life.  Each piece was featured in a blog post, and you can see the start of that series HERE.  We featured colors like Black, Chili Pepper Red, Turquoise and Sea Blue. 

If you followed the series, you may have noticed a nightstand that never received it’s moment in the limelight.  That piece had a matching dresser and I wanted to see if the purchaser of the dresser would want them together.  Late in the fall, the nightstand was passed over, put back in a corner, and been waiting for a new look ever sense.
It finally happened.  In the spirit of experimenting and trying something new, I decided to use a color a customer had recently chosen for her antique end table.  With black glaze, it’s weathered features popped.  And it had the same effect with this nightstand.  You can see it below, and read and see more about it HERE where it is the final feature of the series. 
This series is also featured on our Facebook page in a before and after album titled Nine Needing a New Look.  It can be viewed by clicking HERE (no Facebook account required).

Lime Green Nightstand


Nightstand upstyled in a rich lime green, with heavy black glaze accenting bamboo and woven design.  Distressing reveals hints of the white primer, providing even more eye catching detail.  “Before” photo below. 

This nightstand is the ninth and final post in the Nine Needing a New Look series.  To see how a group of worn and dated end tables and nightstands were given a new life with paint and glaze finishes, go HERE.

This series is also featured on our Facebook page in a before and after album titled Nine Needing a New Look.  It can be viewed by clicking HERE (no Facebook account required).