Chunky Desk in Pink, Off White & Brown – Before & After

Chunky Desk & Hutch Off White, Pink & BrownThis summer, I transformed a desk I had promised for my daughter. The chunky desk and hutch were painted, glazed and distressed in Pink, Off White, and Dark Brown.

First, the entire piece was spray primed. With the desk laminate surface made of Formica, Zinnser 1-2-3 Bulls Eye spray primer provided the necessary adhesion for painting the desk with latex enamel. Read HERE for more on using this great product on Formica.

Next the desk and hutch were painted Off White, Pink and Dark Brown. Black Glaze accented all these colors, and the original pulls were used on the drawers.



Three Hutches Painted, Glazed & Distressed – Before & After

Three Hutches Painted, Glazed & Distressed - Before & After. Facelift Furniture DIY BlogThese matching Ethan Allen hutches were refinished for three different customers according to each of their tastes.  Each was painted, glazed and distressed and with the second and third, rails were removed. Doors were removed on the third to open up all the shelf space, and new pulls and knobs were added to it as well.


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Vintage Maple Hutch in Robin’s Egg Blue – Before & After

Robin's Egg Blue Maple Hutch ~ Before & After. Find more painted, glazed & distressed inspiration on our Pinterest boards, or on the Facelift Furniture DIY blog.Vintage maple pieces offer a great opportunity to provide an upstyled look on classic craftsmanship. This hutch was a great example,  and with major wear on the top surface, and damage to the original backing, paint, glaze and distressing were are great option for refinishing.

New backing was cut to size from thin press board, and loose polyurethane was sanded. Then the entire piece was transformed in Robin’s Egg Blue and a light White Glaze.

Light distressing reveals original wood tones, and new crystal pulls were placed on the drawers and cabinet doors.

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Bookshelf Repurposed from an Abandoned Hutch

How a discarged maple hutch was repurposed into a bookshelf - Before & After from Facelift FurnitureOne of my favorite things to do with furniture is to repurpose pieces destined for the curb.  This maple hutch top was a great candidate for the garbage heap, but I found it instead at a thrift store.

Separated from it’s original cabinet, it was in an awkward state, left to linger without much a life ahead of it.  But I saw the potential for a bookshelf, having previously repurposed an old hutch in a similar way. So out came my circular saw.  I drew a straight line along it’s sides and back, and then cut away the lower leg supports.

I then painted it Antiqued White, used Tea Stained glaze to provide a weathered look, and then distressed the piece.  With it’s original adjustable shelves, a  “new” bookshelf was born!

Peacock Blue Maple Hutch – Before & After

Peacock Blue Maple Hutch ~ Before & After.  Facelift Furniture DIY BlogSince starting out with painting and upstyling furniture, I’ve learned a couple of big things.  First, if there’s a way to do the job easier and better, figure it out.  Second, always be on the lookout for repurposing potential. 

I’m currently working on a really unique maple hutch.  It’s shorter than most, and even has drawers near the top.  Earlier this year when I finally finished a large black china cabinet in our garage (honest confession…it took over a year to get that project done!), I was having problems with paint dripping down from underneath the shelves in the upper cabinet.  I didn’t know it was happening until later when the paint was dried.  And it didn’t look good!

So I actually start over with that part of the project by removing that back of the cabinet, flipping it around, and painting the opposite side while still detached so there would be no streak lines.  I then reattached it with the new side painted, and it looked great!

Peacock Blue Maple Hutch Before & After

As you can see above, I’ve done the same with this hutch by removing the back first.  Another big plus to doing it this way is how I have better access to tricky areas around the shelves.  With access to those areas from both back and front, I can paint them with much more ease and better coverage.

When the customer selected this piece, she decided she wanted the lower cabinet doors removed to create an additional display area.  I used wood filler in the screw holes, and I really like how this repurposing idea looks so far.

Repurposing is a lot of fun.  I love looking at old furniture, especially those pieces with ornate wood carving and molding, and asking “what can I make of this worn down piece that would look really cool?”  Often, it’s just a matter of painting and upstyling.  But if the furniture itself is damaged beyond repair, then I start thinking about what to do with it’s pieces.

Up in our loft, I’ve got 10 different deconstructed pieces from previous furniture.  They come from a left behind mirror, a discarded dresser, on old armoire, and an from an old couch headed to the dump!  Soon, they will be repurposed and on display–showing various paint color finish options, as well as waiting for the opportunity to creatively accent someone’s home!

Sea Blue Hutch

Sea Blue hutch with white, sun-faded glaze.  originally painted off-white which comes through with distressing.  Bold crown molding tops off a tall but trim display and storage piece that would fit well into a compact area. Includes newly installed display light.  Ample storage that is also freshly painted (see below).

Distressed Hutch & Cabinet

Tall narrow hutch with lower cabinet is a perfect fit for a cozy space.  Hutch built to fit on lower cabinet piece, providing multiple uses–in your kitchen, living area, bedroom or bathroom.  Painted white, glazed,  highly distressed, and coated with poly.  Two adjustable shelves in lower cabinet.  73″ tall, 23″ wide and 13″ deep.  Items in hutch not included.