Peacock Blue Hexagon End Table – Before & After

Peacock Blue Hexagon End Table - Before & After


This vintage hexagon end table had seen it’s better day. That is, until it was upstyled! Of all the old pieces of furniture I like to refinish, hexagon end tables stand out on top.

Weary and worn, I have little desire to see these dated pieces in my home. Refinished with paint, glaze, and distressing, they take on a whole new life of character and eye-catching appeal.

This piece is upstyled in in distressed Peacock Blue. Black glaze accents the detailed areas. And old lion’s head pulls replaced the pulls original pulls (since one of them was broken).

This piece is also featured in our Hexagon End Tables Collection, which shows how these pieces have been refinished in all kind of colors!


Hexagon End Tables FLF



Hexagon End Tables Collection

Hexagon end tables painted, glazed and distressed from Facelift Furniture. Browse our collection for lots of DIY inspiration!

Of all the vintage furniture I refinish, hexagon end tables are my favorite. Prior to refinishing, I find these dated pieces among those I would not want in my home.

Yet when painted, glazed, and distressed, they take on a whole new life. They have a renewed charm that adds great character to a living space.

We now have a new album featuring hexagon end tables we’ve refinished. View all of them HERE, and be sure and click on the thumb nails for a full view with detailed description (best seen on a computer verses mobile).

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Blazing Orange Hexagon End Table – Before & After

Hexagon End Table - Before & AfterHexagon end tables are a favorite of mine to refinish, and I love the transformation that occurred with this weary and dated piece. In a previous post, I shared my technique for refinishing Formica laminate surfaces on pieces just like this one here.

Once that priming process was complete, I painted, glazed, and distressed the piece in Blazing Orange, with Black glaze accenting the detail and molding.

Distressing revealed the white primer and original wood tones. And the original pulls were spray painted black, tying in very nicely to the new look of the end table!

Visit our Hexagon End Tables Collection to see similar pieces we’ve refinished in our favorite colors!


Antiqued White Chunky Hexagon End Table

 Antiqued White Chunky Hexagon End Table. Why I love refinishing hexagon end tables! Facelift Furniture DIY Blog.

Hexagon end tables are one of my favorites to refinish, and here’s why.  In their vintage state, I know of few pieces that look more dated–and to be honest–undesirable!

But when they are painted, glazed, and distressed, a major transformation occurs. What was once an cringe-worthy eye sore becomes a bold statement piece with lots of pop and character!

This chunky Ethan Allen piece, with all it’s wear and tear, took on a whole new look in Antiqued White with Espresso Glaze. And the distressing reveals both the original stain and lite pine wood tones.

Espresso glaze is a mix I’ve created from Ralph Lauren Black Truffles and Tobacco glaze colors.  It has more of a dark coffee bean look to it, and it looks great on this upstyled end table!

To see this end table in the home of the person who purchased it, go HERE!


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Sea Blue Chunky Hexagon End Table – Before & After

Chunky hexagon end table in Sea Blue and Black Glaze ~ Before & After. Find more painted, glazed & distressed inspiration on our Pinterest boards, or on the Facelift Furniture DIY blog.When it comes to what paint, glaze, and distressing can do to funky old, vintage furniture, this chunky hexagon end table was a dream waiting to happen!

With all it’s molding and ornate details, the character of this piece took on a new life in Sea Blue with Black Glaze, and distressing drawing out the original woods tones.

For more DIY inspiration, visit our Hexagon End Tables collection, or our Sea Blue Refinished Furniture collection.

Turquoise Hexagon End Table – Before & After

Hexagon end table painted, glazed and distressed in Turquoise with Black glaze. Before and after from Facelift Furniture.

This hexagon end table is a great example of how paint, glaze and distressing can transform a weary, dated appearance into an eye-popping piece with great character.

And Turquoise is one of our favorites for how it upstyles cringe-worthy pieces. With how Black Glaze accents molding and detailed areas, the combination of these colors provides something new while bringing to the old of the piece as well.

Find more inspiration in our painted, glazed, and distressed Hexagon End Tables collection.


Hexagon End Tables FLF

Sea Blue Chunky Coffee & End Tables – Before & After

Sea Blue Chunky Before & After - Facelift Furniture

For her custom order, Kara selected these super chunky hexagon and coffee tables we had available for custom refinishing. Her choice of color was Sea Blue with heavy black glaze. These pieces were transformed and came to life with a whole new look!