Hexagon End Table in Distressed Turquoise – Before & After

Turquoise Hexagon End Table - Before & AfterHexagon end tables are my favorite to refinish, and I loved the potential I saw with this piece.

With all its molding and lines, and with the original large vintage pulls, paint, glaze and distressing gave it a whole new look!

This hexagon end table was refinished in Turquoise, with Black Glaze accenting and highlighting the design of the piece.

Distressing revealed the white primer and original wood tones, both of which added extra pop to the new look.

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Repurpose & Upstyle Furniture with Paint, Glaze & Distressing

Repurpose and upstyle old furniture pieces with paint, glaze & distressing. DIY Inspiration from Facelift FurnitureWith furniture that’s in great shape or seen it’s better day, the sky is the limit with paint, glaze and distressing! Whether given a new look or a whole new purpose, new life awaits old furniture pieces, cabinet doors, and mirrors.

For over 5 years, I’ve been refinishing furniture. I love giving a second chance to pieces created with design worth reviving. And paint, glaze and distressing provide a contrast of colors that bring depth and dimension to both furniture and wall pieces.

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Distressed Sea Blue Hexagon End Table – Before & After

Hexagon end table in distressed Sea Blue with Black Glaze - Before and After from Facelift FurnitureOf all vintage furniture pieces, hexagon end tables are my favorite to refinish.

With their dated look, paint, glaze and distressing provide an entire new look that adds a great pop of character for a living space.

This large hexagon end table was primed white, then painted Sea Blue. Black Glaze was used to accent the piece with an antiqued look.

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Turquoise Hexagon End Tables – Before & After

Hexagon end tables painted, glazed and distressed in turquoise and black glaze. Before and after from Facelift Furniture's DIY Blog.Vintage hexagon end tables provide a classic opportunity to let paint, glaze and distressing do their wonders on dated furniture.

This set was painted Turquoise, with Black Glaze accenting all the detail of the end tables. Distressing reveals the original woods tones.

The original pulls were spray painted black, providing a great tie in to the new look.

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