Nightstands With A New Lease On Life

Nightstands With a New Lease on Life! Inspiration from Facelift Furniture's DIY BlogWhen learning the art of refinishing furniture with paint, glaze and distressing, nightstands are a great place to start.

With their drawers, molding and detailed design, nightstands provide a great canvas for a new color. And that color will come to life and pop even more with glaze and distressing.

With our proven technique of paint, glaze and distressing, nightstands can get a new lease on life, adding one-of-a-kind character to your home!

Ornate Buffet in Distressed Antiqued White & Tobacco Glaze

Ornate buffet in distressed Antiqued White with Tobacco Glaze - From Facelift Furniture's DIY BlogThe ornate buffet was painted, glazed and distressed in Dark Brown on top, with the sides an doors in Antiqued White with Tobacco Glaze.

This buffet has three drawers behind the right doors, with double storage shelf behind left doors. The original brass door pulls were reused.

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White-SPACEOrnate buffet in distressed Antiqued White with Tobacco Glaze - From Facelift Furniture's DIY Blog


How Color Changes Everything when you Paint, Glaze & Distress

How color changes everything when you paint, glaze and distress vintage furniture. From Facelift Furniture.Ah springtime, that season when the world comes alive and colors make a statement.

With weary, old furniture, the dreary and dated takes on a new life with the color transformation of paint, glaze and distressing. We’ve got our favorite paint colors, but with latex enamel, the options are endless!

And Ralph Lauren Glaze does its magic as it makes the selected paint color look aged and antiqued. It also highlights the dings, wear and tear, adding even more to the charm of new upstyled look.

Distressing reveals the primer color, and the original wood tones, providing definition and depth with those colors popping through.

Springtime is an awesome time to give your furniture this kind of new look. Clear space in the garage, set up your refinishing space, and let paint, glaze, and distressing do their magic!



Paint, Glaze & Distress to Upstyle & Repurpose

Paint Glaze & Distress to Upstyle & Repurpose  Retro Furniture

Endless opportunities for creativity come alive when vintage furniture, mirrors and almost any kind of door is upstyled with paint, glaze and distressing.

When you take a retro design and transform it with a great color, the one-of-a-kind accenting provided by glaze, and distressing that draws out the original wood tones, you open up the door to hard to match charm and character in your living space.

Not only do furniture pieces take on a new look, but cabinet doors and headboards can be transformed into coat racks, chalkboards, photo displays.

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Favorite Furniture Paint Colors

Facelift Furniture Furniture Colors

Over the past 4 years, Facelift Furniture has emptied many paint cans as countless pieces of furniture have taken on a whole new look

Whether for pieces we’re selling, or for custom orders, these colors are our favorites. We share the brand names and color codes below for those of you who share in the joy of DIY.

Speaking of DIY, our eBook Facelift Your Furniture provides the entire list of products used and steps necessary to refinish with a painted, glazed and distressed look.

The book is normally $9.98, but in honor of all DIY’ers with furniture pieces just waiting for a new look, you can purchase your copy for just $6.49 with code ILOVEDIY. No expiration!

So come one, come all. Grab your cans of paint and glaze, and transform you weary, old furniture with a whole new look!

Our favorites, with links to furniture collections refinished in these colors:

Turquoise – Valspar “Turquoise Tint”  5006-10B

Lime Green – Valspar tinted to match Olympic paint’s “Asaparagus” B68-5 (Lowe’s carried both brands in store and the color can be requested with a store paint specialist).

Off White  Behr “Parchment Paper”  710C-1

Sea Blue– Valspar “Lost Atlantis”  5002-6B

Black – Behr “Black Suede”  SH-790 (a charcoal black)

Barn Red– Valspar “Cut Ruby”  1009-4

Valspar is sold by Lowe’s, and Behr is by Home Depot.

Furniture Paint Colors FLF

Blazing Orange Hexagon End Table – Before & After

Hexagon End Table - Before & AfterHexagon end tables are a favorite of mine to refinish, and I love the transformation that occurred with this weary and dated piece. In a previous post, I shared my technique for refinishing Formica laminate surfaces on pieces just like this one here.

Once that priming process was complete, I painted, glazed, and distressed the piece in Blazing Orange, with Black glaze accenting the detail and molding.

Distressing revealed the white primer and original wood tones. And the original pulls were spray painted black, tying in very nicely to the new look of the end table!

Visit our Hexagon End Tables Collection to see similar pieces we’ve refinished in our favorite colors!


Ralph Lauren Glaze is Back at Home Depot!

Home Depot Ralph Lauren Display & CansA couple of days ago, I saw this display at Home Depot announcing some BIG NEWS. Ralph Lauren Faux Technique Glaze is back, as Home Depot is again carrying the Ralph Lauren line of paints!

When I first experimented with Ralph Lauren Glaze 3 years ago, Home Depot had all the products on clearance as they were discontinuing the line.  I purchased as lot of glaze at a great price, but was sad that it would only be found at specialty paint stores.

In my DIY eBook “Facelift Your Furniture”, I explain in detail how to use Ralph Lauren Glaze on furniture. It is the product that makes the character of painted furniture come to life.  It highlights ornate detail and can reveal the wear and tear on furniture in a very charming manner.

I’m thrilled it’s back, and am very excited for everyone who has purchased “Facelift Your Furniture”. Purchasing this great product has become much easier for many!

UPDATE: The Tobacco, Tea Stained,  and Black Truffles tints I recommend in my eBook are not in Home Depot’s paint department computers for Ralph Lauren glaze. I am not sure why this is the case, but a helpful paint rep sent me the following original formulas for Tobacco and Tea Stained tints. For Black Truffles, simply ask for it to be tinted with as much black as possible (I don’t have a formula for Black Truffles, but that’s worked for me with numerous purchases). Take these numbers with you, and your Home Depot paint department should be able to mix them up for you in quart or gallon sized cans of glaze.

RL Tobacco & Tea Stained Tints


This website is in no way affiliated with Home Depot or Ralph Laurne. The opinions stated here are my own.