Nightstand Refinishing Ideas

Facelift Furniture Nightstands CollectionNightstands are a perfect way to learn how to paint, glaze, and distress furniture.  It’s how I learned, and I’ll never forgot the excitement of seeing how glaze did it’s magic on a chunky nightstand.

Nightstands offer all the character of a dresser, but on a smaller scale.  There’s the molding, ornate details, and just one or two drawers.

And they are a great way to experiment with colors and glazing.  Find a solid $10 nightstand at a garage sale, and you’ve in a great place to learn the art of glazing over your choice of color.

The old hardware on nightstands are can also be a great way to experiment with spray paint and what it can do for weary looking vintage pulls.

Find all kinds of ideas of how paint, glaze and distressing can give a whole new look in our Nightstands Collection.

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How Paint, Glaze & Distressing Open New Doors For Dressers

How paint, glaze and distressing open new doors in a home for dressers. From the Facelift Furniture DIY Blog.When dressers are given a new life with paint, glaze and distressing, doors open to how they may be used all over a home.

Dressers are not only an obvious option for a bedroom, but make fantastic consoles for flat screen TV’s. Many have chosen that open with dressers I’ve refinished.

When dressers are painted, glazed and distressed their old look receives such an upgrade that they may also be used in a large entry area or as a buffet in a dining area.

And when using latex enamel, the color options are endless. We have our favorites, but the sky is the limit when color is used to transform any piece of furniture.

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How Glaze Transforms Ornate Furniture

How Glaze Transforms Ornate Furniture ~ From Facelift Furniture's DIY BlogOf all the products I use to transform weary, dated furniture, glaze stands out for the transformation it provides.

Applied on top of a chosen color of paint, it takes the new look to a whole new level. Without glaze, painted furniture lacks the distinction this translucent paint-like product provides.

Glaze accents molding and ornate areas, and also draws out the wear and tear on a piece that bears the marks of holding up under years of use.

The entire process of painting, glazing, and distressing vintage furniture opens the door for unslightly pieces to find a whole new place in your home.

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For full views of the pieces shown above, follow these links:

Armoire in Distressed Off White with Tobacco Glaze – Before & After

Clothing armoire transformed in Off White & Tobacco Glaze - Before & AfterWith it’s crown molding and classic style, this armoire took on a new life as it was painted, glazed and distressed.

Refinished in distressed Off White and Tobacco Glaze, it was given a whole new look.

Old armoires, often designed as entertainment pieces, are perfect for repurposing. This piece was remade into a clothing armoire.

For more inspiration, visit our Bedroom Furniture – Before & After collection.

How Paint & Glaze Transform Furniture

How paint and glaze transforms weary and worn furniture from the 60's, 70's and 80's. From Facelift Furniture's DIY BlogWhen vintage furniture from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s is on it’s last leg and seen it’s better day, paint and glaze can help it take a big turn for the better.

Paint offers the hope of a new look, doing away the weary and worn finish. Glaze then brings the piece to life as it accents molding, detail, and the dents and dings that add to the character of the piece.

Then when the painted and glazed piece is distressed, even more detail and depth pop as the original wood tones contrast with the new look of paint and glaze.



How Paint, Glaze & Distressed Add Charm to Chunky Furniture

How paint, glaze, and distressing add charm to chunky furniture. From Facelift Furniture's DIY BlogChunky vintage furniture pieces like this bed are perfect candidates for the charm that paint, glaze and distressing bring.

Dated and dreary, these pieces take on a new life. With paint, color takes the piece in a new direction. With glaze, detail as well as dings and dents are accented.

And with distressing, original wood tones pop out and provide a great contrast to the new look.

The head and foot boards for this bed were refinished in Off White and Espresso Glaze.




How Glaze Transforms Painted Furniture

How Glaze Transforms Painted Furniture - From Facelift Furniture's DIY BlogWhen furniture is given a new look with latex enamel paint, faux technique glaze takes the piece to a whole other level. Glaze makes molding, ornate detail, and dents and dings pop out and come to life!

Paint provides a piece a fresh start; glaze proclaims all the unique character and qualities of a furniture piece. Faux technique glaze is a translucent paint-like substance. Similar to paint, it doesn’t coat as heavily and let’s color beneath peak through.

Ralph Lauren Faux Technique glaze is my product of choice. It’s the highest quality and a quart will last multiple projects. Black and brown tints are those I use most often.

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