Antiqued White Oval French Nightstands – Before & After

Ornate French Nightstands in distressed Antiqued White - Before & After from Facelift FurnitureThese elegant French oval nightstands where painted, glazed and distressed in Antiqued White.

Light Tobacco Glaze accented the ornate detail and molding. Distressing revealed the wood tones, and the original knobs were reused on the drawers.

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Ornate French Nightstands in distressed Antiqued White - see the Before & After on the Facelift Furniture DIY Blog.

Sea Blue French Dresser & Chest – Before & After

Refinished French Provincial ~ Facelift Furniture DIY BlogFrench Provincial Dresser and Chest of Drawers refinished in distressed Sea Blue with Black Glaze. Original pulls.

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With their classic curves and signature pulls, French Provincial pieces are great candidates for refinishing. That’s especially true when the original finish is dated and less than desirable.  And as you can see below, both of these pieces fit that bill!

A customer selected the dresser and chest of drawers from our selection of pieces available for custom refinishing. They will be used in an guest bedroom, and Sea Blue with Black Glaze was selected for the finish.  This is my first time to refinish a French dresser or chest in Sea Blue, and I love how they turned out!

Both of these pieces had old Formica top surfaces.  After scuffing them up with 60 grit sand paper, I used Zinnser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 spray primer, which provides outstanding adhesion to such surfaces.

I love how the original pulls, left their original colors, tie in so well with the white that pops through the distressing.  Whenever possible, I like to leave original vintage pulls in their original condition as a way tie in the old look and design of classic pieces.


Sea Blue French Dresser ~ Before & After. From Facelift Furniture's DIY Blog.


Sea Blue French Chest of Drawers ~ Before & After. From Facelift Furniture's DIY Blog.

Dresser Refinishing Ideas

Facelift Furniture "Dressers" album Dressers are my favorite to refinish.  Give me a vintage piece with lots of character, and let the potential come to life.  When painted, glazed, and distressed, it’s time to say farewell to its dated and cringe-worthy looks! The transformation restores the piece to it’s former dignity, yet with new and one-of-a-kind character!

And whether in a bedroom, or a living room as a flat screen console, entirely new options open up for weary old dressers! Our collection of favorites can now be viewed in our new Dressers album.  Browse for DIY inspiration, or explore options for how we can custom refinish your piece.


Antiqued White French Provincial Dresser – Before & After

Antiqued White French Dresser ~ Before and After. Find more painted, glazed & distressed inspiration on our Pinterest boards, or on the Facelift Furniture DIY blog.French provincial dressers are in a class of their own, and those with a solid build and bones and treasures are worth keeping. A weary, old finish may make someone think otherwise, but paint, glaze and distressing can turn that piece into an eye catcher.

This six drawer dresser was refinished in Antiqued White, with Tea Stained Glaze. Distressing reveals the original wood tones. The classic original pulls pop off the new color.

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Antiqued White French Provincial Dresser – Before & After

Antiqued White French Dresser - Before & After from Facelift FurnitureLarge curvy French provincial dresser painted, glazed and distressed in Antiqued White with Tea Stained Glaze. Original pulls reused on dresser.

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Distressed Antiqued White French Provincial Dresser

White French Provincial Dresser FLFBeautiful, classic nine drawer French provincial dresser painted Antiqued White.  Lightly distressed, with light Tea Stained Glaze, creating an antiqued white look that is stunning.  This large dresser is solid wood through and through, with dovetail joint drawers that are deep and spacious.  Includes original hardware.

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White French Provincial Dresser