Painted, Glazed & Distressed Furniture Inspiration

Painted, glazed & distressed furniture inspiration from Facelift Furniture's collections. When furniture is past it’s prime, paint, glaze and distressing open up opportunities to make old things new! Weary and worn vintage furniture takes on a new life as color is used to create a one-of-a kind look.

Our latest collection highlights these possibilities. Here on our website, you’ll find these pieces and more in our Before & After collections, Portfolios based on the type of furniture, and Color Collections highlighting our favorites.

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Paint, Glaze & Distress to Upstyle & Repurpose

Paint Glaze & Distress to Upstyle & Repurpose  Retro Furniture

Endless opportunities for creativity come alive when vintage furniture, mirrors and almost any kind of door is upstyled with paint, glaze and distressing.

When you take a retro design and transform it with a great color, the one-of-a-kind accenting provided by glaze, and distressing that draws out the original wood tones, you open up the door to hard to match charm and character in your living space.

Not only do furniture pieces take on a new look, but cabinet doors and headboards can be transformed into coat racks, chalkboards, photo displays.

For more DIY inspiration, visit our following posts & pages:


Hexagon End Tables Collection

Hexagon end tables painted, glazed and distressed from Facelift Furniture. Browse our collection for lots of DIY inspiration!

Of all the vintage furniture I refinish, hexagon end tables are my favorite. Prior to refinishing, I find these dated pieces among those I would not want in my home.

Yet when painted, glazed, and distressed, they take on a whole new life. They have a renewed charm that adds great character to a living space.

We now have a new album featuring hexagon end tables we’ve refinished. View all of them HERE, and be sure and click on the thumb nails for a full view with detailed description (best seen on a computer verses mobile).

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End Table Refinishing Ideas

End tables are a great way to introduce the upstyled look of painted, glazed and distressed furniture into your home. Learn more from the Facelift Furniture DIY BlogEnd tables are a great way to introduce the upstyled look of painted, glazed and distressed furniture into your home. Whether your choice of paint color is bold or neutral, end tables provide a unique pop of character to accent a living space.

Our End Tables Collection offers many example of how these pieces may be refinished.  If you inspire to DIY, visit this album HERE to view these and many more examples of refinished end tables.

New to refinishing furniture with a paint brush? Our DIY eBook Facelift Your Furniture provides all the steps and a list of all the supplies you need to get the job done. Use discount code ILOVEDIY to purchase for only $6.49!

New Turquoise Refinished Furniture Collection

Turquoise Refinished Furniture - Facelift Furniture collectionTurquoise is a signature color at Facelift Furniture, and we have gathered a collection of our favorite Turquoise pieces for your inspiration.

From desks to dressers, chests to cheery nightstands, and end tables too, you will find examples of how this color provides an upstyled look and new life to weary, old furniture!

This new collection also provides the paint brand and color we use.  View the album HERE to learn more and view these and many other pieces.



Robin’s Egg Chunky End Table – Before & After

Robins Egg Chunky End Table - Before & AfterWhen I first saw this end table,  my wheels starting turning. With its chunky posts, molding, shelves anddoors on each side, I knew I was onto a piece that would look great painted, glazed and distressed.

I chose Robin’s Egg Blue as the color. It provides a bright yet calming touch on bold features. And black glaze does a masterful job of accenting molding and lines while contrasting the light blue color.

With this paint and glaze color combo, I love how distesssing adds even more to the eye as white primer and the original wood tones and stain pop through.


Curvy Pine End Table in Black & White

French Pine Black White End Table - Before & AfterThis pine end table features classic curves and a rustic design. Prior to refinishing, it also showed the wear of use, which lessened it’s value.

The end table was painted, glazed, and distressed, with the top refinished in Black over white primer, which popped out when the table was distressed. The sides and legs where painted Antiqued White with Espresso Glaze.

You can also view this piece, along with many others, in our End Tables album.