How Glaze Transforms Ornate Furniture

How Glaze Transforms Ornate Furniture ~ From Facelift Furniture's DIY BlogOf all the products I use to transform weary, dated furniture, glaze stands out for the transformation it provides.

Applied on top of a chosen color of paint, it takes the new look to a whole new level. Without glaze, painted furniture lacks the distinction this translucent paint-like product provides.

Glaze accents molding and ornate areas, and also draws out the wear and tear on a piece that bears the marks of holding up under years of use.

The entire process of painting, glazing, and distressing vintage furniture opens the door for unslightly pieces to find a whole new place in your home.

Glazing furniture is an art that we’ve captured in our DIY eBook Facelift Your Furniture. Along with providing information about every product needed to paint, glaze, and distress, we also provide detailed, step-by-step instructions for making your project a success, with particular detail provided on the glazing process.

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Beach House Furniture Makeover – Part 3

Dresser makeover in distressed yellow with black glaze. From the Beach House collection at Facelift Furniture.

Dresser makeover in distressed lime green with black glaze. From the Beach House collection at Facelift Furniture.For her beach house furniture make-over, Marian selected Yellow for a dresser repurposed for her kitchen area.

Lime Green was chosen for another dresser, as well as an end table. All pieces were painted, glazed and distressed, with Ralph Lauren glaze used to draw out the detail of the pieces.

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End table makeover in distressed coral with black glaze. From the Beach House collection at Facelift Furniture.

Painted, Glazed & Distressed Furniture Inspiration

Painted, glazed & distressed furniture inspiration from Facelift Furniture's collections. When furniture is past it’s prime, paint, glaze and distressing open up opportunities to make old things new! Weary and worn vintage furniture takes on a new life as color is used to create a one-of-a kind look.

Our latest collection highlights these possibilities. Here on our website, you’ll find these pieces and more in our Before & After collections, Portfolios based on the type of furniture, and Color Collections highlighting our favorites.

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Before & After:


Color Collections:

Barn Red Vintage Dresser with Black Pulls

Barn Red Dresser Black PullsBarn Red is a favorite of mine, and this dresser took on a whole new life in this color, with Black Glaze accenting all the detailed areas.

This is a rare occasion when I chose not to distress a piece. Typically, I distress down to the original wood tones to pop out those colors and add dimension to a piece piece.

But in this case, I let the Black Glaze do it’s work on the detailed areas and in contrast to Barn Red. I also spray painted the original vintage pulls black, and they pop off the red with their new look.


Barn Red Dresser Black Pulls FLF

New Turquoise Refinished Furniture Collection

Turquoise Refinished Furniture - Facelift Furniture collectionTurquoise is a signature color at Facelift Furniture, and we have gathered a collection of our favorite Turquoise pieces for your inspiration.

From desks to dressers, chests to cheery nightstands, and end tables too, you will find examples of how this color provides an upstyled look and new life to weary, old furniture!

This new collection also provides the paint brand and color we use.  View the album HERE to learn more and view these and many other pieces.



Dresser Refinishing Ideas

Facelift Furniture "Dressers" album Dressers are my favorite to refinish.  Give me a vintage piece with lots of character, and let the potential come to life.  When painted, glazed, and distressed, it’s time to say farewell to its dated and cringe-worthy looks! The transformation restores the piece to it’s former dignity, yet with new and one-of-a-kind character!

And whether in a bedroom, or a living room as a flat screen console, entirely new options open up for weary old dressers! Our collection of favorites can now be viewed in our new Dressers album.  Browse for DIY inspiration, or explore options for how we can custom refinish your piece.


Furniture Repurposed into Wall Accents


Repurposed Furniture PiecesAs I refinish furniture week-to-week, one of the most fun things to do is find ways to repurpose furniture destined to the garage heap.  Whether it’s a dresser in disrepair or a chair that’s falling apart, I find myself looking for a way to take what’s still good about that piece and turning it into something new.

This photo shows several pieces that now occupy a special place in people’s homes!

Up top is the upper portion of a dresser mirror frame that came with a dresser I refinished in turquoise.  I accidentally broke the mirror, but salvaged the upper portion by cutting off the lower part of the frame.  It’s painted Sea Blue, with glazed black, and is distressed.

Just below is an ornate dresser drawer front that I painted turquoise, glazed black, and with the hooks it became a coat rack.

Down to the left is a long panel with molding along the top. It came from a china cabinet top that I disassembled.  The panel was painted Robin’s Egg Blue, glazed black, and made into a photo display piece with bull dog clips painted black attached with wood screws.

In the middle is a chair that I had refinished in turqouise, and put high up on a shelf before doing final touches.  I accidentally knocked it off the shelf, and it broke beyond repair.  {Insert major frustration!!}  I came close to throwing it away, and then one day made good with my saw and some strong wood screws.  I attached the front legs to the back of the chair, added some hooks, and it became a one-of-a-kind chair back coat rack!

And last but not least, in the middle right is a cabinet door re-purposed into a chalk board.  An upside down drawer pull holds the chalk!

For even more furniture repurposing ideas, visit our new Repurposed Wall Pieces album!