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  • This past weekend, I realized I had this great collection of end tables and night stands needing a new look.  I pulled them all together for this photo, and will feature them individually as each receives a facelift.  Two are already complete, and are found below…
    The first to have a new look is this hexagon end table painted Turquoise, with Tea Stained Glaze.  
    The second to be trasnformed is this large nightstand, painted Chili Pepper Red, distressed, and with Black Glaze.  Original hardware.  
    STAY TUNED for more what’s to come with the seven still needing something new…!
  • Red Chunky NightstandChunky Nightstand in distressed Chili Pepper Red with Black Glaze.  Pulls and knobs painted black. Upstyled with paint, glaze, and distressing, there’s lots of character to this piece!

    A heavy, sturdy piece with dovetail drawer joints. Could also be used as an end or entry table. Great for a boy’s room too.

    For more upstyled inspiration, visit our Nightstands Collection album.

    White-SPACERed Chunky Nightstand FLF

  • Jade Distressed Dresser - Before & After. Facelift Furniture DIY Blog.

    This dated and drab dresser took on a whole new life when upstyled in Jade, with Tea-stained Glaze providing an antiqued look.

    The corners and edges were lightly distressed, pulling out the original wood tones. I love how distressing ties in the original look of old furniture!

    A piece like this repurposes great for a flat screen TV in a bedroom or living area, providing ample storage space in either setting.

    Our Dressers album provides even more ideas on how these pieces can be painted, glazed, and distressed, creating a whole new look an a great pop of character in any living space.

    Jade Distressed Dresser ~ Before & After. Facelift Furniture DIY Blog
  • Turquoise French Nightstand - Before & AfterElegant and high quality French Provincial nightstand painted, glazed, and distressed. Painted Turquoise, with Tea stained Glaze. Distressed down to original off white.  All wood, top of the line piece with dovetail drawer joints. 

    The original pulls look great against the Turquoise, and tie in well with the distressing.  

    This nightstand is one of the three pieces featured in the Facelift Furniture logo!

  • Pale Blue-Grey Nighstand.  From Facelift Furniture's DIY Blog.Nightstand in distressed pale blue-grey with tea-stained glaze.  Neutral color creates many options for use, such as an end table (if back is against a wall or window) or in a bedroom.



    White-SPACEPale Blue-Grey Nighstand.  From Facelift Furniture's DIY Blog.

    ~ More Inspiration ~


  • This month, I’m blessed to be moving my furniture painting set up from our garage to a studio.  The past several months, my wife Julie patiently endured our garage being over run with furniture projects.  Soon, the minivan will be back in it’s rightful home, hidden from the hot Texas sun!Almost a year ago, before our daugther arrived, I finally painted our dining table.  It was long overdue, as the top was terribly water stained, and our kids were to a point where a table cloth would have to be replaced daily due to kiddo spills.  So in our garage, I sanded it and applied black rustoleum semi-gloss paint, with a 6 inch cabinet roller.  It turned out great–except the chairs didn’t match.

    Fast forward 10 months, the chairs and table are now quite the combination!

    A while back, I promised Julie we would tackle the chairs this weekend.  So Friday night on our back patio, with Brillo pads in hand, we scoured over each chair, cleaning them down to the original stained wood.  On Saturday afternoon, I painted the chairs, using 4 extra large cans of black semi-gloss Rustoleum professional high performance spray paint.  The photo below chairs the last chair to be painted, contrasting the old with the new.

    After a few hours of drying, I returned to the chairs and used course sand paper to linear distress each chair.  Wow, did they all of a sudden pop out with great character!  I did the same with the table inside too.

    Then last night, while watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Julie and I recovered the seat cushions with zebra print oil cloth.  The material, which Julie ordered online, is a plastic or vinyl type covering that will allow us to wipe off every last mess our 4 kiddos make on their chairs.  That is a huge relief, as our former cushions, recovered by Julie and her mom a year after we were married, became quite the eyesore after many little person spills.  See below for what I’m talking about!  We are so glad guests to our home will no longer sit on those covers.

    Finally, right before midnight, the final product was complete!  We are really excited about our new family dining set.  It’s amazing how the chairs are transformed, and has a great look that is very family friendly.

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