Painted, Glazed & Distressed Furniture Inspiration

Painted, glazed & distressed furniture inspiration from Facelift Furniture's collections. When furniture is past it’s prime, paint, glaze and distressing open up opportunities to make old things new! Weary and worn vintage furniture takes on a new life as color is used to create a one-of-a kind look.

Our latest collection highlights these possibilities. Here on our website, you’ll find these pieces and more in our Before & After collections, Portfolios based on the type of furniture, and Color Collections highlighting our favorites.

You’ll find all this great DIY inspiration in our menu above, or in the links below:

Before & After:


Color Collections:

Paint, Glaze & Distress to Upstyle & Repurpose

Paint Glaze & Distress to Upstyle & Repurpose  Retro Furniture

Endless opportunities for creativity come alive when vintage furniture, mirrors and almost any kind of door is upstyled with paint, glaze and distressing.

When you take a retro design and transform it with a great color, the one-of-a-kind accenting provided by glaze, and distressing that draws out the original wood tones, you open up the door to hard to match charm and character in your living space.

Not only do furniture pieces take on a new look, but cabinet doors and headboards can be transformed into coat racks, chalkboards, photo displays.

For more DIY inspiration, visit our following posts & pages:


Favorite Furniture Paint Colors

Facelift Furniture Furniture Colors

Over the past 4 years, Facelift Furniture has emptied many paint cans as countless pieces of furniture have taken on a whole new look

Whether for pieces we’re selling, or for custom orders, these colors are our favorites. We share the brand names and color codes below for those of you who share in the joy of DIY.

Speaking of DIY, our eBook Facelift Your Furniture provides the entire list of products used and steps necessary to refinish with a painted, glazed and distressed look.

The book is normally $9.98, but in honor of all DIY’ers with furniture pieces just waiting for a new look, you can purchase your copy for just $6.49 with code ILOVEDIY. No expiration!

So come one, come all. Grab your cans of paint and glaze, and transform you weary, old furniture with a whole new look!

Our favorites, with links to furniture collections refinished in these colors:

Turquoise – Valspar “Turquoise Tint”  5006-10B

Lime Green – Valspar tinted to match Olympic paint’s “Asaparagus” B68-5 (Lowe’s carried both brands in store and the color can be requested with a store paint specialist).

Off White  Behr “Parchment Paper”  710C-1

Sea Blue– Valspar “Lost Atlantis”  5002-6B

Black – Behr “Black Suede”  SH-790 (a charcoal black)

Barn Red– Valspar “Cut Ruby”  1009-4

Valspar is sold by Lowe’s, and Behr is by Home Depot.

Furniture Paint Colors FLF

Dresser Refinishing Ideas

Facelift Furniture "Dressers" album Dressers are my favorite to refinish.  Give me a vintage piece with lots of character, and let the potential come to life.  When painted, glazed, and distressed, it’s time to say farewell to its dated and cringe-worthy looks! The transformation restores the piece to it’s former dignity, yet with new and one-of-a-kind character!

And whether in a bedroom, or a living room as a flat screen console, entirely new options open up for weary old dressers! Our collection of favorites can now be viewed in our new Dressers album.  Browse for DIY inspiration, or explore options for how we can custom refinish your piece.