Chair Back Coat Rack

FLF Chair Back Coat RackWorking with furniture, one of the things I enjoy most is thinking outside the box. I like finding creative ways to repurpose furniture that’s on it’s last leg or heading to the dumpster.

In my upstairs loft, there are tall shelves that hold cabinet doors, drawer fronts and other “remnants” waiting to be made into chalk boards or coat racks.  These ornate and solid pieces, once serving a purpose in a home, are examples of what can be upstyled into a unique, one-of-a-kind accents in  a living space.

Today, I was upstairs tidying up–and about to part ways with an antique chair I had painted, glazed, and distressed in the fall.  It was waiting a new seat cushion base, and I had placed it on top of the tall shelves. Recently, I moved something next to it, and the chair fell down and an underside support piece broke beyond my ability to repair.  Painting chairs by brush is a lot of work because of all the surfaces.  With the chair broken, it seemed the effort was in vain!  But then this morning, I got an idea.

Initially, I wondered if something could be done with the chair back.  With all its great detail, I decided I would cut it off and keep it on hand.  Then I noticed how the front legs were sharp looking and had a nice support piece between them.  Finally, I saw how those legs could be attached to the base of the chair back (after some trimming and sawing to make a good fit).  I already had the hooks on hand, and after attaching the legs to the chair back tightly with wood screws, an almost discarded chair became a coat rack with great, unique character!

For more ideas on how chair backs can be made into coat racks, read this post.  And to view our entire collection of Repurposed Wall Pieces, go HERE.

Distressed Turquoise Dresser with Paprika Pulls

Turqouise Dresser Paprika Pulls Facelift FurnitureDistressed turquoise dresser with paprika pulls.  Original finish was a soft yellow, which comes through in distressing, tying in well with spray painted color of orangish-red pulls.  Lots of eye catching character.  A great addition to a bedroom or living area as a flat screen stand.  46″ long, 30″ tall, and 18″ deep.

Read about other dressers refinished in turquoise, or visit our Dressers album for all our favorites in a variety of colors.


Turqouise Dresser Paprika Pulls


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French Provincial Dining Set

Black French Dining Chair

This French Provincial dining set has 4 chairs, with a curvy legged table with curves along the table top edge.

The entire set is painted black, and is lightly distressed. The distressing makes it’s great features pop out–especially on the chair back and table edges!

There’s new fabric on the chairs, and the table top is coated with polyurethane for durability.

Black French Dining Set