Foot Boards Repurposed Into Coat Racks

Foot boards repurposed into coat racks with paint, glaze & distressing! From Facelift FurnitureWith paint, glaze and distressing, the sky is the limit with the ways old furniture pieces can be given a whole new look.

And the fun doesn’t stop with pieces meant to serve their traditional purpose. For example, take dated old foot boards too small for new beds.

These pieces make great coat or towel racks! The foot boards here were refinished in Turquoise, Barn Red, and Sea Blue,  colors from our collection of favorites at Facelift Furniture.

On all the foot boards repurposed into coat racks, the hooks were purchased at Hobby Lobby.

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Futon Arm Rest Repurposed into Coat Rack – Before & After

Futon Arm Rest Repurposed into Coat Rack – Before & After from Facelift FurnitureIt’s not often that dumpster dive for furniture, but one of those few times I have, I came upon a couple futon arm rests. I saw potential. Still attached to the frame, I unscrewed them, and then ideas starting churning in my head.

After filling in the hardware holes with Fix-It-Stick putty, I repurposed this armrest into a coat track and a photo display.

I painted, glazed and distressed the piece in Barn Red and Black Glaze. Hooks were added from Hobby Lobby, and clips spray painted black were added to hold photos.

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The Limitless Options of Paint Colors & Old Pieces

The limitless options of paint colors and old furniture pieces. From Facelift Furniture's DIY blog.When it comes to old pieces of furniture, I’m a big fan of thinking outside the box. I like thinking about how a dated piece or discarded cabinet door can be repurposed and made into an eye catching accent.

Whether coat racks or chalkboards, what was once past it’s prime brings a pop of character into a home.

And with the limitless options of colors that can be used with paint, glaze and distressing, opportunities for creativity jump out all over the place!



Repurposing Headboards, Footboards & Cabinet Doors

Head and footboards repurposed in to coat racks, and cabinet doors repurposed into chalk boards! From Facelift Furntiure's DIY BlogRepurposing is a fantastic way to take make something new out of dated and discarded pieces of furniture. Older headboards and footboards are often too low to the ground for new beds, but they make great coat racks!

The legs of the two curvy French headboards in this photo were cut off at an angle, and with paint, glaze and distressing, in Turquoise and Sea Blue, one-of-a-kind coat racks were created!

Low to the ground vintage footboards, like the one here painted Barn Red, don’t need their legs removed. With the new refinished look, and hooks from Hobby Lobby, a great pop of character is ready to brighten up a home.

And discarded cabinet doors are a great way to make chalk boards! With chalk board paint, the flat surface is perfect for writing on. Inverted furniture pulls are perfect for holding chalk!

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Furniture Repurposed into Coat Racks & Chalk Boards

Furniture pieces and cabinet doors repurposed into coat racks and chalkboards! From Facelift Furniture's DIY blog.When furniture is past it’s prime and headed to the curb or thrift store, repurposing opens the door for making something entirely new out of the old and outdated.

Take dated headboards for example. Too low to the floor for newer beds, they are a great option for coat racks and chalkboards.

Discarded cabinet doors and drawer fronts from old dressers are also a great option for coat racks and chalkboards. The same may be done with old chairs!

Just add paint, glaze, and distressing to any of these pieces, and the endless options of color provide a one-of-a-kind look in your home!

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Paint, Glaze & Distress to Upstyle & Repurpose

Paint Glaze & Distress to Upstyle & Repurpose  Retro Furniture

Endless opportunities for creativity come alive when vintage furniture, mirrors and almost any kind of door is upstyled with paint, glaze and distressing.

When you take a retro design and transform it with a great color, the one-of-a-kind accenting provided by glaze, and distressing that draws out the original wood tones, you open up the door to hard to match charm and character in your living space.

Not only do furniture pieces take on a new look, but cabinet doors and headboards can be transformed into coat racks, chalkboards, photo displays.

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Chunky Headboard Repurposed into Chalkboards & Coat Rack

Turquoise Chunky Headboard Coat Rack2Chunky is an understatement when it comes to what best describes this queen headboard. This style can look so dated when in it’s original finish, but oh the pop of character when paint, glaze and distressing are used to upstyle a piece like this!

This headboard was refinished in Turquoise Paint with Black Glaze. Chalkboard paint used in the flat panel areas.  And it was repurposed as a coat rack as well with hooks from Hobby Lobby.

What a statement this pieces makes as it as it also serves a functional purpose for coats or even beach towels!