Nightstands With A New Lease On Life

Nightstands With a New Lease on Life! Inspiration from Facelift Furniture's DIY BlogWhen learning the art of refinishing furniture with paint, glaze and distressing, nightstands are a great place to start.

With their drawers, molding and detailed design, nightstands provide a great canvas for a new color. And that color will come to life and pop even more with glaze and distressing.

With our proven technique of paint, glaze and distressing, nightstands can get a new lease on life, adding one-of-a-kind character to your home!

Vintage Mirror Repurposed in Red & Black Glaze

MirrorRedMoldingWhen it comes to re-purposing old furniture, vintage mirrors are a lot of fun.  This piece came with the long old metal brackets to attach standing upright off the back of a dresser.  But seldom do I find folks wanting a matching mirror attached like that.  More often than not, large dressers I sell are re-purposed themselves into a flat screen console.

So then a mirror like this can take on a life of it’s own, popping with character for an entry way or large wall space in a room.

For this piece, I spray primed it white.  I then applied three coats of red, followed by black glaze which highlighted all the molding and many lines.  Distressing popped out not only the white, but the darker stained oak of the original finish as well.

If you had a special spot in your home for a mirror, where would you put it?

The Nine Needing a New Look


Last summer, we introduced a series called Nine Needing a New Look.  We took a collection of dated and weary looking nightstands and end tables, and one-by-one upstyled them with distressed paint and glaze finishes.

Starting out as a new business, it was a great way to experiment and see how these pieces can be given a new life.  Each piece was featured in a blog post, and you can see the start of that series HERE.  We featured colors like Black, Chili Pepper Red, Turquoise and Sea Blue. 

If you followed the series, you may have noticed a nightstand that never received it’s moment in the limelight.  That piece had a matching dresser and I wanted to see if the purchaser of the dresser would want them together.  Late in the fall, the nightstand was passed over, put back in a corner, and been waiting for a new look ever sense.
It finally happened.  In the spirit of experimenting and trying something new, I decided to use a color a customer had recently chosen for her antique end table.  With black glaze, it’s weathered features popped.  And it had the same effect with this nightstand.  You can see it below, and read and see more about it HERE where it is the final feature of the series. 
This series is also featured on our Facebook page in a before and after album titled Nine Needing a New Look.  It can be viewed by clicking HERE (no Facebook account required).

Red Vintage End Table

SOLD:  Vintage pedastal end table painted chili pepper red and glazed black.  Sleek, modern look with a great update in red.  Two front doors open up completely to open storage area within.  Nice back side look as well.  24″ wide, 18″ deep, 21″ high.  “Before” photo below.
– back side –
This end table is the fourth in a series from the Nine Needing a New Look, an eclectic group of nightstands and end tables awaiting transformation.  Learn more about this series, and see full photos of how the first and second pieces turned out here.  The third in the series can be found here
This series is also featured on our Facebook page in a before and after album titled Nine Needing a New Look.  It can be viewed by clicking HERE (no Facebook account required).

Red Nightstand

SOLD:  Nicely detailed nightstand with thick features painted chili pepper red, glazed black, and with light distressing.  This is one of my favorite finishes–such a deep and rich look (and hard to capture in photos!).  Includes the original hardware.  As seen below, a major upgrade from it’s original look!  28″ wide, 16″ deep, 23″ tall.