Sewing Cabinet in Blazing Orange with Black Glaze – Before & After

This beat up old sewing table was given a new life with paint, glaze and distressing.

Refinished in Blazing Orange, Black glaze was used to accent the detail and provide an antiqued look. 

Light distressing revealed both white primer and the original wood tones.

With the sewing machine no longer a part of the table, it was repurposed as a small desk.

Nightstand Repurposed into Sewing Storage – Before & After

Nightstand repurposed into sewing storage - Before and After from Facelift FurnitureThis simple nightstand was repurposed into a sewing storage cabinet for my daughter using paint, glaze and distressing.

The top was painted Dark Brown, while the front and sides were painted Robin’s Egg Blue. 

The drawers were painted Turquoise, Blazing Orange, Lime Green, and Peacock Blue. 

Black Glaze was used to provide an aged look with the new colors. Light distressing revealed the original wood tones and white primer. 

Brushed silver knobs were add to the drawers. 


Chunky Nightstand in Distressed Blazing Orange – Before & After

Chunky Nightstand in Distressed Blazing Orange – Before and After from Facelift Furniture's DIY blogThis chunky nightstand was hand painted, glazed and distressed in Blazing Orange, with Black Glaze used to accent the dings and details.

Distressing reveals the spray white primer and original wood tones, both of which provide a great contrast to the new colors and the bold new look.

The original pulls were scrub brush cleaned with vinegar and reused, providing a throw back to the original vintage design.