The Limitless Options of Paint Colors & Old Pieces

The limitless options of paint colors and old furniture pieces. From Facelift Furniture's DIY blog.When it comes to old pieces of furniture, I’m a big fan of thinking outside the box. I like thinking about how a dated piece or discarded cabinet door can be repurposed and made into an eye catching accent.

Whether coat racks or chalkboards, what was once past it’s prime brings a pop of character into a home.

And with the limitless options of colors that can be used with paint, glaze and distressing, opportunities for creativity jump out all over the place!



Repurposing Headboards, Footboards & Cabinet Doors

Head and footboards repurposed in to coat racks, and cabinet doors repurposed into chalk boards! From Facelift Furntiure's DIY BlogRepurposing is a fantastic way to take make something new out of dated and discarded pieces of furniture. Older headboards and footboards are often too low to the ground for new beds, but they make great coat racks!

The legs of the two curvy French headboards in this photo were cut off at an angle, and with paint, glaze and distressing, in Turquoise and Sea Blue, one-of-a-kind coat racks were created!

Low to the ground vintage footboards, like the one here painted Barn Red, don’t need their legs removed. With the new refinished look, and hooks from Hobby Lobby, a great pop of character is ready to brighten up a home.

And discarded cabinet doors are a great way to make chalk boards! With chalk board paint, the flat surface is perfect for writing on. Inverted furniture pulls are perfect for holding chalk!

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Barn Red Antique Four Poster Bed

Barn Red Four Poster Bed - Facelift FurnitureEver since I was a kid, red has been my favorite color.  And any chance I have to refinish a piece in red, my excitement level rises in anticipation of the finished product.

Take this antique four poster bed for example!

I wish I had a before photo for this bed, but a customer snatched up this piece before I had a chance to take it.  For her custom order, she chose Barn Red with Black glaze, wanting the bed lightly distressed.  It would be for a guest bedroom, and I loved her decision to go bold!

When refinished with paint, old furniture like this bed starts to take on a whole new life.  When glazed, the craftsmanship, detail and normal wear on a piece are accentuated, taking the piece to a whole new level of character and charm.

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Footboard Repurposed into Coat Rack & Chalkboard

Twin Footboard Re-purposed into Coat Rack and ChalkboardHead and footboards are great candidates for repurposing, especially when they are older.  Those from the vintage era tend to be shorter in height, making them  a mismatch for today’s larger beds.

Enter the opportunity to repurpose and make a statement on your wall with one-of-a-kind coat racks and chalk boards!

This twin footboard is a great example.  Refinished in Barn Red with Black Glaze, and distressed down to white primer, it makes a bold and eye-catching statement with it’s chunky as well as linear design.  A chalkboard was created on it’s raised center panel, while a coat {or towel} rack was made on the lower cross member.

For many more examples of repurposed head and footboards, visit our Repurposed Wall Pieces Album!