Headboard Repurposed Into Photo Displays & Coat Racks – Before & After

Headboard repurposed into Photo Displays and Coat Racks – Before and After from Facelift Furniture

This big  old vintage headboard was way beyond it’s life expectancy. As ugly as could be, I decided to get creative and repurpose this unsightly piece!

I trimmed the headboard down, and repurposed the inner panels into coat racks and photo displays.

Paint, glaze and distressing helped bring these pieces back to life. Refinished in Barn Red and Sea Blue, they popped with color.

Black Glaze accented the detail, and light distressing popped out the original wood tones.

Spray painted bull dog clips and hooks from Hobby Lobby were added to create the photo displays and coat racks.

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Headboard in Distressed Turquoise & Black Glaze – Before & After

This poster headboard was given a whole new life with paint, glaze and distressing

Finished in Turquoise, Black Glaze accented the detail found in molding.

Distressing popped out the original wood tones.

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Twin Bed in Rustic Robin’s Egg Blue – Before & After

Twin Bed in Rustic Robin's Egg Blue with Black Glaze - Before & AfterThis twin bed was given a new look with paint, glaze and distressing

The bed was refinished in Robin’s Egg Blue, with Black Glaze providing a rustic antiqued look. 

Distressing added to the look my popping out the original wood tones. 

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Foot Boards Repurposed Into Coat Racks

Foot boards repurposed into coat racks with paint, glaze & distressing! From Facelift FurnitureWith paint, glaze and distressing, the sky is the limit with the ways old furniture pieces can be given a whole new look.

And the fun doesn’t stop with pieces meant to serve their traditional purpose. For example, take dated old foot boards too small for new beds.

These pieces make great coat or towel racks! The foot boards here were refinished in Turquoise, Barn Red, and Sea Blue,  colors from our collection of favorites at Facelift Furniture.

On all the foot boards repurposed into coat racks, the hooks were purchased at Hobby Lobby.

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How Paint, Glaze & Distressed Add Charm to Chunky Furniture

How paint, glaze, and distressing add charm to chunky furniture. From Facelift Furniture's DIY BlogChunky vintage furniture pieces like this bed are perfect candidates for the charm that paint, glaze and distressing bring.

Dated and dreary, these pieces take on a new life. With paint, color takes the piece in a new direction. With glaze, detail as well as dings and dents are accented.

And with distressing, original wood tones pop out and provide a great contrast to the new look.

The head and foot boards for this bed were refinished in Off White and Espresso Glaze.




Repurpose & Upstyle with Paint, Glaze & Distressing

Upstyled - Repurposed Paint Glaze & DistressingWhen old furniture pieces are beyond their prime, a whole new life awaits with repurposing and a painted refinished look.

Old cabinet doors, discarded mirrors, and dated head and foot boards all have the potential of being repurposed and made into something new.

With paint, glaze and distressing, they can take on an entirely new look, while also serving a whole new purpose.

An old dresser mirror can take on a new life for any entryway.

Discarded cabinet doors can become chalkboards, key chain holders, and coat racks.

Headboards and footboards are also great options for coat racks, adding a great pop of character to a hall way, with practical functionality not only for coats, but beach towels as well.

Oh, and don’t leave out drawer fronts from old dressers. They make great coat racks as well, or chalk boards!

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