Curvy Antique Desk in Distressed Hot Pink – Before & After

Curvy antique desk in distressed Hot Pink ~ Before & After. Find more painted, glazed & distressed inspiration on our Pinterest boards, or on the Facelift Furniture DIY blog.This curvy, antique desk came into my shop worn down and needing a new look. Paint, glaze, and distressing transformed this piece as it was upstyled in Hot Pink and Black Glaze, with distressing revealing white primer and original wood tones.

The original pulls were reused on the piece, providing a tie in to its original design.

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Chair Backs Repurposed into Coat Racks

Chair back re-purposed into coat rack ~ Facelift Furniture

At Facelift Furniture, we love getting creative with weary, worn, and dated pieces that can be transformed and repurposed for the home.  Our last post shared about how we upstyled two twin headboards into coat racks.  This past week, I repurposed a couple coat racks from chair backs.  They sold quickly, but I grabbed photos before they were out the door to share for some DIY inspiration!

The first coat rack was made from an antique chair that was missing a seat cover.  I cut the back off from it’s base, at angles that went with the flow of it’s design.  It was spray primed white, painted Blazing Orange, and then glazed Black.  After distressing, a single coat of poly was added for protection.  With three hooks added at the bottom, the piece took on a life of it’s own!

The second coat rack was made from an old chunky high back chair that was missing the narrow, center padding running the length of the back.  I cut it from it’s base (which is saved for a future project!), and also spray primed it white, painted it Sea Blue, and Black glaze did wonders on all the detail.  Then after distressing, a single coat of poly was applied.

Chair back re-purposed into coat rack ~ Facelift Furniture

Besides three hooks at the bottom, I also added 6 bulldog clips spray painted flat black to match the hooks.  This chair back was transformed into a coat rack and a photo display!

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Antique Turquoise Coffee Table

SOLD:   Antique coffee table with lots of charm and character.  Painted turquoise, distressed and with tea-stained glaze.  Perfect for a compact living area.  Make of oak, with very sturdy legs.  36″ long, 19″ wide, and 16″ tall.  
– coffee table prior to painting –

Notice all the great detail on the legs!
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White Antique Side Table

SOLD: Very cute distressed white sewing table made into a great looking end or side table. Tea-stained glaze gives the fresh white paint an antiqued look. Tall enough that it could be used as a small entry table. Stylish detail in the wood corners and legs. Top and front open to empty sewing machine and supply storage. Includes original pulls. 22.5″ wide, 17.5″ deep, and 31″ high.

– the table before being painted white –

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