Paint, Glaze & Distress Your Furniture - Bring Color Inside When It's Drab Outside

When it’s cold and drab outside, updating your furniture with paint, glaze and distressing is the perfect way to bring a pop of color inside your home.

With latex enamel, the options are endless. And with the durability of our time proven technique for refinishing furniture, your one-of-a-kind piece provide years of use in your living space.

New to refinishing furniture with paint and glaze? Our DIY eBook Facelift Your Furniture provides all the steps and a list of all the supplies you need to get the job done. Use discount code ILOVEDIY to purchase for only $6.49!

This nightstand was refinished in Robin’s Egg Blue and Black Glaze. Distressing reveals white primer and original wood tones. Original pulls spray painted black.