Barn Red Maple Cabinet - Before & AfterAny time I have the chance to refinish a vintage maple piece, I jump at it. I respect the workmanship made with this hardwood, and enjoy how the simple style of these pieces may be upstyled with a new look.

This small cabinet, which originally had a hutch sitting on top, was unique in that it had a Formica top surface. As I shared in a previous post, this type of laminate surface may be refinished when Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Primer is used.

While the louvered doors add to touch of style to the otherwise boxy feel, I tried something new and added a wood applique I purchased from Lowe’s below the doors.

After spray priming the entire piece, I painted it Barn Red and Glazed it Black. Distressing revealed both the white primer and the original wood tones.

I used ornate pulls on the drawers and doors to tie in with the applique, and to add even more character that would offset the highly symmetrical piece.


Barn Red Maple Cabinet Ornate FLF

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