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Painted, Glazed & Distressed Furniture

How color changes everything when you paint, glaze and distress vintage furniture. From Facelift Furniture.Ah springtime, that season when the world comes alive and colors make a statement.

With weary, old furniture, the dreary and dated takes on a new life with the color transformation of paint, glaze and distressing. We’ve got our favorite paint colors, but with latex enamel, the options are endless!

And Ralph Lauren Glaze does its magic as it makes the selected paint color look aged and antiqued. It also highlights the dings, wear and tear, adding even more to the charm of new upstyled look.

Distressing reveals the primer color, and the original wood tones, providing definition and depth with those colors popping through.

Springtime is an awesome time to give your furniture this kind of new look. Clear space in the garage, set up your refinishing space, and let paint, glaze, and distressing do their magic!



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