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  • Ornate Dresser in distressed Peacock Blue with Black GlazeThis ornate vintage dresser is painted, glazed, and distressed in Peacock Blue, with Black Glaze accenting. the detailed areas.  Original chunky hardware set in flower molding. A rare find in original design, upstyled in a great color!

    For many other examples of how glaze brings out the best in old furniture, visit our DIY Inspiration album.  Or visit our Dressers album for ideas on how vintage pieces can take on a new life!

    White-SPACEPeacock Blue Dresser - Painted Glazed Distressed


  • Crib Rail Repurposed into Kids Art Display ~ From Facelift Furniture's DIY Blog

    Here’s a fun DIY project we did for our kid’s play room.  Earlier this year, I found an old crib on a nearby curb.  I starting thinking about what could be done with the cool looking rails.  Working with furniture, I’m a big fan of finding ways to repurpose old pieces with nice chunky or molded features.

    Here at home, we came up with the idea of making a crib rail into a display for our kid’s artwork.  The crib rail was spray painted Peacock Blue, and then distressed.  We attached bulldog clips spray painted red, green and yellow, using small wood screws with spray painted heads.

    We love how this now displays photos and our kids’ treasured creations.  Our daughter Rebekah–almost 5 years–loves to draw colorfully fashioned girls with accessories.  This board is a fun looking “designated place” for creations from her and her siblings!

  • Waterfall dresser repurposed into a media console. From Facelift Furniture's DIY blog.This worn down waterfall dresser was my first experiment with converting a piece into a media console while refinishing with a painted, glazed, and distressed look.

    Part of a custom order, we decided to remove the top shelf and create a space for media components. Lowe’s Valspar “Quite Red” was selected, and I cut and attached piece of wood to serve as the shelf.

    The entire piece was painted, then lightly glazed Black. The original pulls were used for the lower drawers.



    Waterfall Dresser Repurposed in Media Console - Before & After. Facelift Furniture DIY Blog
  • Yesterday I posted about our friends who have a new flat screen TV stand made from an old buffet.  Of all the ways to upcycle old furniture, I’m finding flat screen stands are one of the most popular ways to use old dressers, cabinets, and yes, buffets.

    Here’s another example of how this was done.  Recently, I posted about the potential with this dated vintage cabinet.  Jenn opted for antiqued white, and here’s the piece now in her home…

    I’ve created a new tag/label called “flat screen stand” that will link you to other great examples of upcycled pieces made into flat screen stands.  Go HERE to see those transformations.

  • Earlier this summer, I discovered this awesome buffet at a local thrift store.  Our friends Ryan & Andrea were kind to let us store it in their garage.  I was very excited about it’s potential as a flat screen TV stand–and so were they!

    They decided to make it their own, requesting an antiqued white finish.  All the molding and detail, when distressed, looked great with that finish!  The original pulls added so much to the look of this piece.  Yet with one broken, they opted for knobs on the middle doors.

    I love what paint, glaze and distressing can do to old pieces like this!  For more ideas on what can be done with dated furniture, visit our DIY Inspiration album.

    You can also find us on Pinterest!

  • Retro Dining Set Re-Do! DIY Inspiration from Facelift Furniture!

    It was garage sale Saturday, and nobody wanted it. After wrapping up a week of painting, Saturday morning typically starts off with furniture hunting. This small dining set was just down the street, but I talked myself out of it because of my full plate of projects.

    Then early in the afternoon, I saw the set posted on Craigslist–half of what was asked that morning!

    After refinishing our dining chairs back in May, I’ve kept my eye for chairs that have character and great distress lines. I actually have a lot of different chairs on hand, so it made no sense to take on 4 more chairs–and a table!

    But the creative opportunity overruled reason, and this set was on it’s way to a major transformation!

    First, I removed the seat covers and glued the loose chair joints. I like using Titebond wood glue, and have learned that with any tight furniture joint, you can use card stock or a magazine cover to work the glue down into the joint to insure complete adhesion. I also used long Irwin clamps to set the joints, and left them overnight to dry.

    The chairs came with black oil cloth covers that were in good shape. So initially, my plan was to reuse them on chairs spray painted a peacock blue. The table top would be black, with the legs of the table also turquoise. After sanding the chairs lightly with a medium grit sanding sponge to remove loose finish, I cleaned them in preparation for painting. Next I spray painted the first chair–but the idea of just peacock blue didn’t last long!

    The next day, it was another blazing hot Texas afternoon, and with painting in the garage not an option, I was in Home Depot and had a little time on my hands. They sell a great line of Rust-oleum spray paints (prepare for a mouthful…) called “Painter’s Touch, Ultra Cover 2x Coverage”. And I took a few minutes to imagine how selections from the great color options could be used.

    Retro Dining Set Re-Do! DIY Inspiration from Facelift Furniture!Retro Dining Set RedoOne of the fun things about refinishing furniture is being stretched by trying out new ideas. Looking at all those paint colors, I saw a combination come together for the chairs. I bought “Eden” green and “Aubergine” purple to go with the “Lagoon” peacock blue and “Amber” yellow I already had on hand.

    When I announced my plan to Julie, she wondered if the idea was a bit out there. Honestly, I did too, but that didn’t last long after we saw the chairs painted. We were sold, and the project took on a new life.

    I also decided to paint each table leg one of the chair colors. And instead of reusing the black seat covers, we went with upholstery fabric Julie had picked up at Hobby Lobby for another chair project (still to be finished!). The funky floral print tied in great with the colors.

    Julie asked what color the table top was being painted, and I told her black. She asked if it could be changed to the dark brown found in the floral print. I had already applied a coat of Rust-oleum oil to the table, but remembered seeing a brown earlier in the week at Home Depot.

    So that evening I was back at Home Depot, and I found the brown, but it wasn’t dark enough. Explaining the project to my buddy Ramiro, who works paint, he was able to add black to the paint, and it created something between mocha and espresso. I was set!

    A week after purchasing the set, it was transformed and on display at our Saturday open house. I was surprised at what a conversation piece it was for all who came by. And within 4 days, in was sold!

    So that evening I was back at Home Depot, and I found the brown, but it wasn’t dark enough. Explaining the project to my buddy Ramiro, who works paint, he was able to add black to the paint, and it created something between mocha and espresso. I was set!
    A week after purchasing the set, it was transformed and on display at our Saturday open house. I was surprised at what a conversation piece it was for all who came by. And within 4 days, in was sold!


  • Upstyled Toy Cabinet BeforeI found this dated entertainment center at Goodwill for only $12.99, and saw the potential. With the popularity of flats screen TV’s, there are a lot of pieces like this no longer serving their original purpose. I saw how this piece could be converted into toy storage for our kid’s play room.

    The molding and cabinet doors would add character to a painted, glazed, and distressed look. But the composite wood on the sides was showing wear and was missing in places along the back edges of the sides.  A shelf was missing for the top compartment.  And the back of the piece was also in bad shape.

    I used Durhams Water Putty to fill in where press board was missing.  Durhams comes as a powder to be mixed with water, and I like how nice and hard it shapes up.  Before putting in on, I applied a thin layer of wood glue over the damaged wood to insure the Durhams stays in place.  I then put on 2-3 layers of Durhams on until it was built up to fill the missing press board.  After sanding, it was ready for painting.

    Entertainment Center Repurposed into Toy Storage CabinetI cut a piece of bead board I had on hand to fit the back area up top. I also cut to size birch cabinet plywood for the missing shelf for the upper compartment.  I primed then painted the piece using a $5 oops can of Lowe’s premium Valspar paint, a white with a slight yellow tint.

    Then with Tea-stained Glaze on the bead board as well as the entertainment center, the piece came to life.  The antiqued white look almost has a glow to it from the slight yellow found in the paint.  I honestly couldn’t believe how much of an upgrade we had on our hands!

    Next came painting the play room with my wife one late night while the kids were asleep.  We applied “Harvester”, a Sherwin Williams yellow with a slight hint of orange.  It looks like Colorado aspens in fall!

    The next day, we introduced the toy cabinet to it’s new home.  The antiqued white of the cabinet, with it’s bright underlying yellow, is a great combination with the new color of the play room.

    Entertainment Center Repurposed into Toy Storage CabinetWith our piece, we love how the lower cabinet fits both toys and puzzles, keeping our play room more tidy.  We also like how it works great for books, and can make for a decorative touch–like the fun family photos yet to be put on it.

    So our playroom got an upgrade both in color and with toy storage.  The cabinet replaced one of the red shelves I wrote about recently.  Those shelves, along with this toy cabinet,  demonstrate how resourcefulness and creativity can produce great looking pieces that add character and warmth to your home–however big or small it is.

    Stay tuned for how we plan to decorate the room.  We’ll be taking an old wood crib headboard, with great molded canes, and the matching side rail to create an artwork display for our kids, and a display of places we have friends serving around the world.  Paint colors for the old crib pieces yet to be determined!


    Repurposed Toy Cabinet - Before & After


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