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Painted, Glazed & Distressed Furniture

  • Turquoise dresser with mirror hutch, in turquoise and off white, with black glaze. Before and after from Facelift Furniture's DIY blog. This chunky dresser and mirror hutch are painted, glazed, and distressed in Turquoise and Off White, with Black Glaze accenting detailed areas. The original pulls are spray painted black.

    Because of how dated and out of style they are, I usually don’t refinish mirror hutches made to sit on dressers.  But this one was different! With it’s bold, chunky columns and sharp crown molding, I saw potential worth pursuing!

    And whenever I can, I like to take original pulls that may appear dated and give them a new color. This provides an additional upstyled tie in to the original design of the piece.

  • Hexagon end tables painted, glazed and distressed from Facelift Furniture. Browse our collection for lots of DIY inspiration!

    Of all the vintage furniture I refinish, hexagon end tables are my favorite. Prior to refinishing, I find these dated pieces among those I would not want in my home.

    Yet when painted, glazed, and distressed, they take on a whole new life. They have a renewed charm that adds great character to a living space.

    We now have a new album featuring hexagon end tables we’ve refinished. View all of them HERE, and be sure and click on the thumb nails for a full view with detailed description (best seen on a computer verses mobile).

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  • How to spray paint vintage furniture pulls.Give dated hardware a whole new life and look! From the Facelift Furniture DIY blog.When furniture pieces are refinished with a painted, glazed and distressed look, the original pulls and knobs on the piece may appear outdated and undesirable.

    A great option for updating and reusing them is to paint the pulls and knobs a new color. Along with the new color of the refinished piece of furniture, the painted pulls and knobs help take the look of the piece in a whole new direction.

    I’m a big fan of this option, and often paint hardware black or a dark bronze. The key to spray painting pulls is cleaning them thoroughly and using a high quality spray paint.

    Here are the steps I use to get the job done:

    1. Purchase Krylon Fusion spray paint from Walmart. Satin or flat black are my favorites, and I’ve found this brand to provide the most durable adhesion and reliable coverage.
    2. Scrub the hardware clean with vinegar and a firm plastic scrub brush. Soak in vinegar for 60 minutes prior if coated with residue from years of use. Thoroughly scrub off residue, rinse with water, and then dry with a towel.
    3. Set up an old board in an outdoor area, preferably in the sun (will speed drying), to lay your pulls upon for painting. Because of the strong fumes, I don’t recommend using spray paint indoors.BoardLayout
    4. If your pulls have hanging handles, start by flipping them up and painting the backsides first. The same goes for knobs. Follow the application directions on the can, start by painting the handles flipped up. Wait a few minutes, then using a small stick, flip the handles down and paint the fronts of the handles as well as the entire pull.
    5. Circle around the pulls and make sure all angles are covered. Apply enough to provide a thick coat, yet without the paint starting to drip.
    6. Allow 24 hours for complete dry time. I leave them outside as long as possible before moving into the garage before dark.
    7. Reattach to your newly refinished piece of furniture!

    Spray painting vintage pulls is a great way to give them a new look that compliments a piece of furniture that’s been painted, glazed, and distressed.

    Turquoise Dresser Black Ornate Pulls Detail



  • Off White Clothing Armoire PGD FLFThis vintage clothing armoire was painted, glazed, and distressed in Off White, with Tobacco Glaze bringing out the best of the piece as it accents the molding and detailed areas. Distressing reveals the original wood tones.

    The original vintage pulls were painted a dark bronze. The pulls on a matching dresser painted Turquoise were painted black. With both pieces, spray painting the pulls was a great way to update their appearance to fit the new upstyled design.

  • Vintage Mid-century Console in Black ~ Before and After. Facelift Furniture DIY BlogI found this mid-century modern console with glass missing from the doors, and the top drawer absent too.

    This provided a great opportunity to repurpose the piece into a media console and flat screen stand. In the missing drawer space, I attached thick press board from Lowe’s to the bottom. This created a shelf to use for media components.

    The entire piece was then painted Black, and lightly distressed along the straight and slightly curved edges.


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